The Sequence of Wisdom

Wisdom begins in the heart. A troubled heart blocks the flow of wisdom from within outward. A keen mind is of little value if it sits atop an agitated heart. You cannot see clearly if you are not feeling clearly. In the absence of wisdom, thought and action are compromised.

A leader, be he teacher, boss or father, must make the business of approaching all matters with an untroubled heart his first concern. Likewise, a leader who is concerned to unlock the full potential of those within his sphere of influence must actively work to melt arbitrary tensions and dispel all fear from the hearts of those he serves. Tension and fear trouble the heart no matter how sharp the mind may be.

An untroubled heart is a wellspring of wisdom. Wisdom begins in the yielded heart, but it is amplified and given form through the womb of a sensitive and discerning mind. The mind gives the invisible seed of wisdom its shape and magnitude. Wisdom, being an invisible quality, can be considered a spirit.

The sequence of the expression of wisdom is thus: spirit > feeling > thought > word > action. The greatest impediment to the expression of wisdom is not, as most assume, a lack of mental prowess. Rather, it is the prevalence of troubled hearts. We would all be much wiser, no matter what our educational background or IQ, were we to consistently, deliberately and passionately release unnatural tension and banish irrational fear from our hearts.

5 thoughts on “The Sequence of Wisdom

  1. Katherine

    This is a magical sequence! Whatever difficulty you face, there is a choice to be made. Judgement, condemnation, fear, worry, anger – these are all emotions that block that flow. I have found that listening is an essential step towards greater understanding. Listening opens and enlivens our hearts just the way breathing enlivens our lungs.

  2. Coco

    Your excellent summation makes it easy to understand why the command was to fear not. Fear prevents the Omnipotent’s gifts from being expressed through man. If our prayer, like Solomon’s, is for wisdom; I believe it is available to us all. Your practical and concise explanation is an apt example of how the mystery is revealed. Thank you for this wonderful post!

  3. Vincent

    Heart and mind were designed to serve the purposes of the spirit of wisdom, and that purpose really does define the purpose of human beings. Your summary is excellent and worthy of ongoing meditation for anyone who loves the balance and beauty of wisdom in expression.

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