Sprung from God

“If a man could be throughly penetrated, as he ought, with this thought, that we are all in an especial manner sprung from God, and that God is the Father of men as well as of Gods, full surely he would never conceive aught ignoble or base of himself. Whereas if Cæsar were to adopt you, your haughty looks would be intolerable; will you not be elated at knowing that you are the son of God? Now however it is not so with us: but seeing that in our birth these two things are commingled—the body which we share with the animals, and the Reason and Thought which we share with the Gods, many decline towards this unhappy kinship with the dead, few rise to the blessed kinship with the Divine. Since then every one must deal with each thing according to the view which he forms about it, those few who hold that they are born for fidelity, modesty, and unerring sureness in dealing with the things of sense, never conceive aught base or ignoble of themselves: but the multitude the contrary. Why, what am I?—A wretched human creature; with this miserable flesh of mine. Miserable indeed! but you have something better than that paltry flesh of yours. Why then cling to the one, and neglect the other?” – Epictetus

It astonishes me that calling oneself “the son (or daughter) of God” would be considered blasphemy by those who wield power in religious circles.

You, dear readers, bridge heaven and earth. You may have chosen to base your identity on your earthly endowments, but you are also a son or daughter of God.

Realizing this truth, however, is only a point of departure. You must acquit yourself of the handles of self-concern to which the prince of this world clings, yield to the highest impulses of which you are presently aware and acknowledge your kinship with the Divine in the little decisions and the large.

You must carry yourself with dignity and be content within your present limitations. That said, you must press on. You are neither base nor ignoble and you most certainly are not born in sin. You are sprung from God into the world of men. You are a perfect Soul; you have a body, mind and heart through which – if you let it – your Soul can be clothed. As Epictetus said so wisely, “Why then cling to the one, and neglect the other?”

7 thoughts on “Sprung from God

  1. Coco

    I’ve long noted that most people, when seeking to be honest, can readily sight what they see as their limitations but if you ask them to list their attributes they have an unbelievably hard time. In one sense we haven’t expected much of ourselves or even others. Accepting a limited identity has kept the bar very low. Our news and much literature, in most instances, showcases the least of us. It’s written that, “…thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor.” but we don’t tend to write or discuss the merits of this. I appreciate your blog for its consistency in constraining our discussions to the more that we can actualize. Exploring this aspect of ourselves, will in time, raise the expectations we hold for our lives in addition to our fellows.

  2. Carmen

    We each must seek the path that allows us to hold what you speak of, as the most noble of Truths! That each is a true child of God, and has the potential to reflect the brilliance of God, each of us a Star giving only Light. As Epictetus knew, this knowledge can only be found when one is able to reject the teachings accepted by the world at large, and becomes able to fully embrace one’s original higher nature.

  3. Carol

    Most would acknowledge or at least remember times where they sensed something of nobility within and that they were destined for something great. We all are no matter what the age. The world needs men and women firmly centered in the Lord. We can then deal with any situation with an attitude of doing our best no matter what the limitations are. Some have had to deal with horrific things because human beings as a whole have not been operating at the level for which they were designed. We can be firm in training our capacities to move forward. We can expect more from ourselves. You only have to handle one circumstance perfectly and then you know you can handle others perfectly. Understanding and ability increases. We need to move quickly here!

  4. Vincent

    The sons and the daughters of God – so long shut out from the world, so long ignored, choked for lack of sacred atmosphere. All that matters in this day is that the perfect essences of the Divine may have uncorrupted space through which they may appear, space tended with love, perhaps in secret, never violated by coarseness of thought, feeling or expression.

  5. Joy

    Such is the contest we participate in, that it remains to this day blasphemous to say, to the extent that Epictetus and you are referring to Gregg… “I am sprung from God”. One can look, as I do on this heaven filled morning, at all the beauty that surrounds one, and acknowledge the presence of God. That is not a difficult thing to do, but to grasp the fullness of what you are saying Gregg, that we are the sons and daughters of God, to grasp that fact fully requires a true identity shift. Only then can we truly know what it means to “be about our Fathers business” and to fully actualize the latter all self centered concerns must recede, they cannot coexist in the same space. If they do exist they denote separateness, for when one truly knows from whence one is sprung, then there is a state of oneness with, a state of union…and the heart sings!! Thank you Gregg for the tone you sound. With all my heart Thank You!

  6. Kolya

    I think you make an important point, that “just realizing something” isn’t enough. “Just realizing” we have potential, doesn’t make that potential a reality. We each can actualize what you have spoken of today if it is important enough to us – to live to our highest and finest in every moment.

  7. Zach

    People are so concerned with what can be seen and measured that they forget there are some things which cannot be measured, and can only be seen if the individual is in a place to see them. The physical world is not the only world, and it is our non-physical parts which are most important and also easiest to neglect, at least in the current world.
    There is no rule that says you must do what everyone else values, especially if you realize that they value that which has little true value. .

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