5 thoughts on “Spectators of Life

  1. Steve V

    Spectator as defined as someone who sees or beholds a given thing or event without taking an active part brings to mind how thankful I am to be able participate with the currents of life so evident in your posts.


  2. Zach

    Life is meant to be lived. There is so much to do on earth, standing on the sidelines seems like a real shame.
    If you seem like you are stuck on the sidelines, my advice is to see where you can help someone out. It is the single greatest way to get yourself out of self-centeredness, which is what standing on life’s sidelines really is.


  3. Vincent

    Poignant image…accurate too. We’ve grown accustomed to a chronic spectator stance, but life’s dynamic processes need active participants!


  4. Kolya

    I don’t think anyone will think at the end of their life that they wish they had stood on the sidelines more. If you haven’t jumped in yet, it’s time to live!


  5. Coco

    Mankind has played the part of the prodigal son but one that’s almost completely forgotten the peace and joy of home. Our Father has a purpose, as do his children. I guess another way to ask is, “What is the family business ? “


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