Declare Yourself

In each and every moment – every thought, every word and every deed – you declare yourself, that is, you add to the body of evidence which points to your central orientation. No matter how religious, kind-hearted, sweet-natured or altruistic you may feel you are, this evidence proves unequivocally whether you are fundamentally centered in the spirits of love, truth and life or the spirit of hate, lies and death.


4 thoughts on “Declare Yourself

  1. Coco

    I was taught that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. We do declare ourselves continually. There’s a poem by Robert Burns, “To A Louse On Seeing One On A Lady’s Bonnet, At Church”, that’s often quoted , “WOULD SOME POWER THE GIFT TO GIVE US, TO SEE OURSELVES AS OTHERS SEE US”. The original is written in an old style English, this is updated, but it’s a marvelous comment about this very subject. Regardless of our own fanciful ideals the truth of what our hearts are concerned about is evident.

  2. Joy

    Your words definitely offer an opportunity Gregg, one that it would be easy to just let slip by. But I feel that it is important to declare our selves. It is not in answering the words on a page (or computer), but it is as you say in the ardent concern of the heart. If there is any degree of righteous indignation, or ingratitude, or an unwillingness to forgive, towards anyone, anywhere, then in actuality one is fueling the spirit of hate, lies and death. In order to in reality, be centered in the spirit of love, truth and life there must be an absolute willingness to abandon quickly any attitude that remotely embodies elements of hatred.

  3. Ricardo B.

    Each of us has to determine what is real for our lives. Everyone searches for meaning one way or another, for that desire of making sense of the world we all live in, in all its perfections and imperfections. To come to the point where you have made up your mind about your life is a matter of your deepest convictions. These convictions do not go any farther than how much you love, respect the truth and honor life in all the tiny and tremendous moments of your living, as you are declaring your allegiance every step of the way by giving them a voice and a home.

    Time is graceful, allowing for a turning of the heart to sort troubled mixtures so that a purified solution can emerge, to the blessing not so much of the person, though that certainly is the case, but more to the world at large.

    So, the ultimate gauge of how we live and where we are on the spectrum of love, truth and life is this delicate matter of blessing.

    I do urge all to consider what has been written here in the most serious way possible, for I fear that our very lives today hang on a balance. Give yourself, consecrate yourself, every single day to this in every way that you can, for blessings are desperately needed to emerge through everyday people like you and me.

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