Personal Growth

In my experience I’ve found my most significant personal growth opportunities came when I was least expecting them. Moreover, they often came when I was at my busiest.

Either God is sadistic or there is a principle hidden from sight that could usefully be uncovered and brought to light through a focused consideration. I suspect it is the latter, so my hope this morning is that I can brush off this little understood yet frequently manifesting principle so that you might be able to move more gracefully in relation to it when it comes into play.

Consider this: the best time to take on more responsibility may well be when you feel you are operating at full capacity. Why, you ask? Excellent question. Allow me to explain.

For starters, the demands of the new responsibility will force you to put that which you were doing up to that point into perspective. Secondly, the looming responsibility will compel you to re-prioritize and then delegate, suspend or even discontinue those duties which consume your time with little return.

There is, of course, a natural limit to what you can take on, but that line is a shifting one. As you grow in wisdom and stature you should rightly be in position to handle a perpetually growing field of responsibility.

Unfortunately, the only alternative to growth is decay. There is no stasis. You are always setting the conditions for one or the other to occur in and around you.

What will it be?


5 thoughts on “Personal Growth

  1. Coco

    I think of what you’re outlining as an aspect of organic leadership. Whether it’s a family, business or any type of organization as more responsibility is taken on and shared the participants benefit. The pacesetter is often the manager or parent that initially engages with this precept and as the behavior is modeled the benefits can be understood. The ask a busy person is a valid idea. I love to examine these seeming details of living, they are the ingredients that make the feast!

  2. David R

    I’ve often noticed that a feeling of being overwhelmed can arise just as something expansive and significant is about to happen. Probably the actual feeling of pressure building is misinterpreted as a problem, when it is actually the solution! Living life with equanimity in the midst of constant shifting and pulsation is the central art, isn’t it?

  3. Brad

    There are times when I look up and say out loud – “what?, more??…really???”
    and you are right, – it’s at those times, and when i’m cognizant, that I prioritize and reconsider my game plan…then i’m often amazed at what can be accomplished, often with the help of others thankfully!
    Looking back just 1 year it is exciting to see how we can mature with increased responsibility if we choose to take the “growth” step.
    Thank you – timely!

  4. Chuck Reddick

    This is where a really good manager can make a huge difference. The typical manager does not believe in the capacity and capabilities of their employees so their answer to getting more done is to always hire somebody new. However, a really good manager believes in the capacity and capabilities of their people and trust their people that they can and will rise to the occasion. And there is no greater feeling than watching a person who you extended trust to too even exceed your greatest expectations. They than continue to reach new levels of performance, and then of course new levels of confidence will follow.

  5. Zach

    I think that the point you make here is very well understood by people who are successful. It really works with all areas of responsibility. I think that this is also one of the reasons why it is vital to be an unconditional giver of yourself. The more you give the more room for personal growth.

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