Human Potential

As a student of human potential I have come to realize that there is a subtle but important difference between one’s abilities and the will to make full and productive use of them. I believe that there is a rough equivalence amongst people, that all men are endowed with a dynamic set of abilities and a lofty potential, but I have learned through observation that they vary greatly in their desire to reach that potential and to fully employ those abilities.

Of all the influences which dampen this desire, I can think of none more significant than the fear of failure. Back of this fear is the conviction that fear is the enemy of success and that your value hinges upon the consistency of your success, but in my book your value is absolute.

In fact, I would suggest to everyone – young and old – to fan the flames of the desire to reach your potential and to pour yourself into living to the point that your rate of failure doubles. Aim slightly beyond the goal and be willing to content yourself with reaching just shy of your aiming point: at the goal itself. Press on, learn from your mistakes and let the fulness of value within you find expression in the world around you.


4 thoughts on “Human Potential

  1. Kolya

    Thank you for this inspiring post. Fear is not one to have be your master. It leads to a life of limitation and regression. We all have passion within us, whether it’s been buried in the past or we’ve pointed it in the wrong direction. It’s never too late and we can always allow the passion in our hearts to be directed to growing, learning, helping and succeeding.

  2. Coco

    I love the question, “What would you set out to accomplish if there was no possible way you could fail?” These are the things that could be topping our to- do lists ! Most let their bar of accomplishment be set by their family, acquaintances, bosses, teachers, history, etc., etc. The courageous usually just keep taking the next step, then the next, fueled by passion for their purpose and belief in the inexorable power of the Divine that works through people. There’s is not blind trust but indefatigable one. They are not awed but obstacles or thwarted by challenge or details. This is the only bar our higher self considers. Again it is a choice of identity. I love your posts, thank you.

  3. Zach

    I wish that more people thought like this. I always liked the movie gattaga for this message. In the movie the brother with the “inferior” genetics could always out swim his genetically “superior” brother for distance into the ocean. Eventually at the end of the movie when he was asked why, he replied “I never saved anything for the swim back”. I think that we could use a lot more of this attitude in our world of risk-averseness.

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