A Better Life

When you set about to create a better life for yourself, your family or others, take care that you do so on a sustainable basis. Many approaches give a temporary illusion of progress, to make things truly better you must follow a few simple steps:

  1. Learn to regularly let go of your fears and insecurities that accumulate over time through negative experiences. Let go of these drains on your confidence by letting go to the assurance that you will never be left without the resources to accomplish that which lies before you. Trust life.
  2. Never confuse climbing on the backs of others for upward mobility. Serve those around you selflessly and generously and you will be lifted up as they are. Put yourself in the capable hands of the Golden Rule. Everyone counts. Everyone matters.
  3. Invest wisely in others and expend your trust and time where it is most likely to count, but don’t do so with strings attached. The strings you attach inevitably bind you to a life of mediocrity. Moreover, wallowing in disappointment about investments gone bust detracts from your quality of life and never improves it. Give freely without concern for recompense.
  4. Develop the ability to hear the kernel of truth in poorly crafted criticism directed at you. Stop letting yourself off on a technicality. Instead of saying (in your head or out loud) “I don’t like the way she said that to me, I’m not going to take that crap”, apply yourself diligently to discovering the hidden message in the lump of coal dropped on your big toe. Be magnanimous. Learn from everything. Take no prisoners.
  5. Surprise your critics with agreement rather than reaction or retaliation. Even if their intentions are impure you can abide faithfully in the truth of the matter. The truth needs no defense and no matter what is said or done, in time the truth will out.

Man has long sought to craft shortcuts to this process, but his craftiness has left him long on aspiration but short on substance. Like a hot air balloon, to rise up you must release the ballast that keeps you fastened to the ground. And release you must – the bad habits, the flawed approaches – while fanning the flame of unconditional benevolence.

7 thoughts on “A Better Life

  • This is certainly the right approach and indicates someone who is willing to take utter responsibility for their own life and experiences. Love it!

  • Excellent post! I’d add to this that while everyone matters your job is not to make everyone happy or feel included. Individual fulfillment comes when we take the same responsibility as you’ve outlined. Sustainability will always be dependent on the foundation because no matter what is built there will be challenges. I’ve come to realize smooth sailing means knowing how to sail in any weather.

  • Thanks for sharing these very practical principles with us Gregg. They would apply to any business as well, and of course I’m thinking that they would be perfect for a person who wants to excel in sales also.

  • What a fantastic set of principles for anyone who wants to make dramatic improvements in how they relate to their life. This is so far removed from and overshadows the “rat race” so dramatically that it really doesn’t even matter if those around you continue to take that approach.
    This is the kind of approach, that if taken in a disciplined and whole-cloth manner, would completely reformat and invigorate the base that our lives are built on.

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