The Beginning of Sanctification

Humility is the beginning of sanctification. As you present yourself as you now are, with a deliberate unconcern for your inadequacies and insecurities, the life-giving process of purification begins to work out in and around you.

A baby knows not how to project arrogance. His perfect, beautiful and pure expression is the result of an unselfconscious humility. That state and that stance need not be lost as the years advance.

You can be unburdened, but you cannot will yourself free of your various trespasses. You must instead yield to the new, fresh and unsullied currents of life which are at hand each and every moment. Humility is the key which unlocks the door to this experience.

2 thoughts on “The Beginning of Sanctification

  1. Joy

    Agh what wonderful words Gregg. The stance you’re suggesting cannot be known through any other means but through humility. When we truely know the nature of The One who created all that this earth is, then it becomes easy to present ourselves to him just as we are. Thank You.

  2. Coco

    Humility is the spirit that opens the aperture for wisdom. In our present self help solution world, this is one fix that isn’t calibrated by human strictures. Sanctification is from the Divine. Beautiful post, thank you.

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