Old Ideas

I had the privilege of attending a performance of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna yesterday and I must say, it was wunderbar! The brilliant Lipizzaners, the magnificent baroque atmosphere, the talented and dedicated riders all combined to create an unforgettable experience that proves beyond a doubt that newer is not always better.

The principles of classical horsemanship lie at the center of this program. One particular notion, the horse determines the speed of his training, provides an interesting framework for improving educational outcomes in schools and businesses. This is not a new idea in the equestrian art, in fact one of the early masters, Xenophon, made observations supporting this approach way back in 400BC!

The masters of the Renaissance refined the training methods which respect each horse’s personality and individuality and the experienced Chief Riders of the Spanish Riding School carry on the tradition. No two horses are alike and using this valuable principle, no two training programs are alike. The basics are all there, but the rhythms, pace and approach varies from horse to horse.

I can only imagine that we would benefit from applying more of this approach to our so-called modern schools and corporate training programs!

7 thoughts on “Old Ideas

  1. Coco

    What a terrific opportunity, sounds fascinating. With respect to education I think we always should be asking why and for what purpose. With children the why is common sense, everyone needs an education. If it were done perfectly initially it should open up the child to begin to reveal their true purpose. At a certain point, as you’re suggesting , a more personalized course of education that would surround what was evolving. Today we miss just about everyone because as with most one size fits all, it usually fits no one. I believe this is where parents can enrich each child by offering them augmenting educational opportunities.

  2. Chuck Reddick

    What you are sharing today points out the value and need of good quality managers and leaders at all levels Gregg. For example, a manager in a business, any business, is on occasion going to need to put their people through various training programs, be it for a brand new person or on going. And the real value, the part that will make a significant difference, is the attention paid during and after the ‘formal’ training. Individualized training makes a huge difference to all yet so often managers revert back to the ‘manual’ or the ‘system’ as being everything in the way of guidance and training. When that occurs it is tragic for they are missing the real joy of working with people, and that is the individual care that makes such a huge difference.

  3. What a great observation! Dreading yet another day of being forcefully shaped into something we are not, has serious consequences……
    The spirit’s just not there, and without it….well…

    The cookie cutter approach to industrially revolutionized everything, could be let go of, doing away with the word institution…wow, what a concept…one that’s been overlooked for how long….400 years?

    Allowing people the space and time to develop at their own pace, let’s them discover their own purpose.
    Backed by purpose, they are eager to arise in the morning!
    And eager…is where it’s at!

  4. Flow

    Love this! Appreciate hearing examples of the principles and benefits of an individualized approach . . . . .this is our true nature.

  5. Steve V

    Makes me think of our own heart’s ,mind’s and body’s needing specific training by the truth of our own identities. Something to consider for the actualization of our soul’s. Thank you for the consideration.

  6. Zach

    If horses are worth this much individual attention and care, why not people? We short change ourselves so much when expediency and appearance beat true and honest solutions. It can sometimes seem tough to unbury the truth from the layers of shame and deceit heaped upon the problems of the world, but that is an illusion. The truth uncovered allows a lightness and freedom that can solve what seems unsolvable.

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