A Well-Tended Heart

All the knowledge you have acquired and material possessions you now hold can be learned and gotten by another; what makes you truly unique is the content of your heart. It follows, then, that the greater part of self-definition and self-expression lies not in the accumulation of outer things, but in the refinement and care of the heart.

Keep life simple and you will know the happiness that springs from a well-tended heart.

6 thoughts on “A Well-Tended Heart

  1. Coco

    What a truly extraordinary thought! I believe you have outlined the single most unique identifier of an individual. Your daily posts are one of the things that help me to care for my heart. They ignite the cleansing flames of truth that keep my passion for living onward and upward at the forefront of each days endeavors. Thanks Gregg this is a post I will print and add to what I call my compass thoughts.

  2. Chuck Reddick

    Personally I feel that a business is best run with the heart as the major influence as well. Yes, of course there needs to be systems, guidelines, and a concern for cash flow etc (the usual concerns of any business) but when the focus is value to it’s customers and employees (the heart) than, at least in my experiences, there actually will be more accomplished with more genuine joy.

  3. Zach

    This is a profound truth. If we spent as much time working on our heart’s content as we did worrying about the petty issues that happen in our days, we would be living in a much better world.

    I think one of the greatest lies that has been told in the world is that we are not in control of our hearts and what comes out of them. While there is an influence on our hearts that comes from outside of us, the majority of our hearts content and its orientation is self determined. The weight of your heart will be the majority of your ponderings, and this is why there is wisdom in having purity of heart.

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