Anyone who has gumption knows what it is, and anyone who hasn’t can never know what it is. So there is no need of defining it.” – Lucy Maud Montgomery

While it is true that certain people are born with more naturally apparent gumption than others, I am convinced that everyone possesses a measure of it deep down inside of them. It may be covered by layer upon layer of insecurity, anxiety, fear, self-loathing, doubt and a host of other depressants, but underneath it all is a reservoir of spirited initiative that longs to be expressed.

You needn’t teach gumption, for it is already present within each one. To see more of it, you must find the ways to melt away the aforementioned layers which shroud the inner gumption. The best way I’ve found to do this is to create a safe environment – an office, home or school – that is as free of judgment and alive with inspiration as those present will allow. I say allow because everyone present has a role to play and they must all do so willingly if there is to be sustainable development.

Any time someone makes a snarky comment, grouses about the limitations of present circumstance, maintains an unfavorable attitude or acts disingenuously, some of the gains he has made will be lost. Moreover, anyone who reacts to such unseemly displays will also lose ground.

The refining process can work out in short order if those present act responsibly and refrain from committing ignominious acts, no matter how justified they may feel about crossing this line. Slip-ups are bound to happen and when they do, the damage to the safe environment can be minimized to the degree that the reactions of the crowd are kept to a minimum.

I, for one, am keen to see more gumption in this world we share and I urge you to consider your part in letting it be so with you and through those around you.

6 thoughts on “Gumption

  1. Kolya

    There is never any need to be unkind to anyone and by doing so, we may think we are big or superior, but in fact, we are tiny. Gumption is a power that we all have within the core of ourselves and the least assuming people often have the most of it. Gumption is not pushiness, but it is a force that allows us to move past our limitations and rise above our circumstances creatively.

  2. Coco

    I define gumption as the confidence to express our innate creativity, so it’s different for each person and perhaps unique as it’s shaped, to a degree, by our circumstances. That said I agree it is often inhibited by those we grow up with and surround ourselves with. If an atmosphere of censure is maintained it will do the damage. Creating a safe atmosphere also requires gumption, the confidence to release trying to control everyone and everything. A safe space is created by trusting there is something powerful at work and it comes through more than just one person. Wonderful subject, thank you!

  3. Chuck Reddick

    In my experiences I have seen gumption and courage going hand in hand with each other. It takes both to rise above some of the negatives that others attempt to impart on you and the environment that you are a part of.

    It takes gumption and courage to make a positive difference in your world (and therefore the world). That must be a conscious decision that each of us must make – to rise above it and to not participate in the muck that often surrounds us. By having that gumption and courage over time others will be more influenced by you and start discovering the greatness and higher level within themselves.

  4. Steve Ventola

    I take note of your words in respect to gumption, “spirited initiative that longs to be expressed.” People that I have know that have had this quality come to mind. It is good to consider this matter in respect to myself. It does take gumption to make the necessary changes for greater health and life to be known.

  5. I appreciate and share your gumption.
    Forgiveness, certainly has an immediate way of impacting and reducing the damaging effects of the slips, of heart, mind or tongue. (not to mention, can be quite inspiring)
    We are here to restore heaven on earth, and the only way that’s going to happen is if a few take the lead, regardless, and restore their surround to the sacred heaven it so longs to be.
    Thanks Gregg!!!

  6. Zach

    Over time, as I see how a system such as this self-regulates, it really gives me a sense of peace that there is no need to micro manage the attitudes of others. The only thing that is necessary is to regulate my own attitude, keep an even keel, and take responsibility for making sure my own actions and progress is pushed to the level where gumption is required.
    This is the type of life that is immensely successful, and immensely satisfying.

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