Honest with Yourself

You must be honest with yourself before you can be honest with others or even, believe it or not, with your Maker. If you are dishonest with yourself, you effectively wall yourself off from the help which is invariably at hand. Moreover, when you are dishonest with yourself, you shield the area in question from the healing currents which flow abundantly from within outward and from above down.

Free will is a powerful tool, in fact, it is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal as a race. Used wisely, it propels us to heights unimaginable. When it is misused, or worse, abused, we create hell on earth and misery for ourselves when we could just as easily be creating heaven on earth.


5 thoughts on “Honest with Yourself

  1. Kolya

    I find that it helps to take time each day for a review – looking at the motivations of my heart honestly and making adjustments based on that assessment.

  2. Lady Leo

    I find your thoughts about the healing currents that become available very interesting. I’ve realized that others might see something amiss in my behavior that had become walled off from myself, I really could not see it. Yet I did trust the observation, due to either the person that offered it, or because occasionally, the number of persons that had similar, yet unconnected, comments could not be ignored. As I began to relax about the issue, and accept the idea there was a change needed, I’ve experienced those healing currents. The help they brought has always surprised me. It also primed the pump for increased self awareness. I could see the issue heretofore walled off from me. I think our corrections can become easier as we deliberately remove resistance to the fact there are always things about us that can either change or refine. We will always be in this process. Honesty with myself is more likely to occur when I begin with this premise.

  3. Steve Ventola

    As I consider being honest with myself the word honor comes to mind. Honoring ourselves as a means for heaven to come on earth brings honesty in respect to our living whether we are doing it or not. It is good to have the benchmark for honesty to be known. Thanks for your words today.

  4. Joy

    Recently a friend sent me a text saying that life goes from glory to Glory…I know this to be true, but the reality is, that it is only true, if a person is willing as you say Gregg, to be honest with themselves. Unless we are honest with ourselves we are doomed to repeat the same old mistakes over and over again, and life on that basis tends to spiral down instead of up. I am so mindful to examine, and re-examine my own heart, to be willing to quickly release any “hardness of heart” so that ultimately I am better equipped to accomplish that which I was sent to do… It certainly is an ongoing process, and once again Gregg I am so thankful for what you offer on a daily basis, it provides such a clear focus to my day.

  5. Zach

    Only a man or woman who is honest with themselves has a chance to be a “whole person”. Anyone else lives their life on a crumbling foundation.
    You have to be disciplined enough to make choices in life with vision while being brave enough to follow through on them.
    I’ll bet that any person who strictly holds themself to their self-made promises is a person who is careful what they promise themselves they will do. This kind of careful attitude will prevent the pendulum-like bouncing around that occurs when someone promises themself something difficult, goes back on that promise, and then either feels hopeless about it or ashamed.
    Keeping the promises you make to yourself builds a foundation for success.

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