We are Eternal

At the core of each living human being is an angel, perfect and whole. The angel is the “being” part of you; your body, mind and heart are the “human” part of you. Your true identity, then, is angelic, mighty and eternal.

If you make the mistake as many do of identifying more with the outer part of you – your body, mind or heart – than you do with the inner part of you – the angel that you are – both time and death will be misconstrued as enemies to your existence.

The outer part of you is temporal; the inner, eternal. The outer form comes and goes with the passage of time. You are a “living soul” while you have a body, mind and heart, that is, an angel incarnate. Incarnation is a noun of action formed from the past participle stem of the Latin incarnare, which means “to make flesh.” While you are a living soul on earth you are an angel made flesh.

When you really come to terms with this you realize that death is not to be feared, for it is merely the passing of an outer form of an eternal angel. At the same time, you begin to understand how precious the time we have on earth really is.

Your body, mind and heart are meant to allow you, the angel, to express blessing into a new level of creation. You have precious little time on earth to learn this art, so center in love, be swift to forgive, see beyond the confines of your fleshy form and acknowledge the angel in each one.

If you or someone you love is staring death in the eye, you need neither fear death nor scorn time.

We are eternal.

5 thoughts on “We are Eternal

  1. Zach

    Understanding this is a fundamental step to unlocking our potential as human beings. People still do so much, all while thinking they only have a short time on Earth and then they disappear forever, or at least are taken to a realm where their actions don’t matter. Imagine how much more people could accomplish with the real understanding that their effectiveness will not end at death. It is merely a change of form. That said, our time on Earth is the only time we have to affect things using this particular configuration, so let’s get busy!

  2. Kierney

    Every day is a gift and an opportunity for us to express that inner angel. It’s not worth squandering our time with pettiness, insecurity or fear. Thank you for this reminder today of what is really important.

  3. Coco

    When this is taken to heart I see the preciousness of each day but not with the feeling like I’ll lose it soon so enjoy it while I can. I feel the concern to do all I can to fulfill the promise I think we each make when we receive our body. I’ve had a little charm I purchased as a very young person and it says “What are you doing on earth for heavens sake?” It’s the perfect question as that’s what I’m here for. Thank you Gregg.

    1. Steve Ventola

      Thanks you for sharing your charm words, “what are we doing on earth for heavens sake.” They are a great reminder of our eternal nature. I very much appreciate our consideration today. Our body’s, minds and heart’s and sure come to rest in this perspective.

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