Influence by Gregg Hake

The way my boys
Look up to me
Enkindles poise
And dignity.

You are wise to be careful about what you allow to influence you. You live in a world of influences, some weak, some strong, but none of them can be of any effect until you choose to give them weight. You have a choice, you are neither a victim of your circumstances nor a pawn of a capricious God.

6 thoughts on “Influence

  1. Wisely considered….it’s all about the influence!
    Which would mean we would not be so concerned with what is influencing us, but how we are influencing everything around us.
    Thanks for the encouraging words Gregg!


  2. Steve Ventola

    Good to take note of the influence we are extending. Our birthright is to be an influence of the light of love into our worlds. As we do so we know who we are and why we are here.


  3. Chuck Reddick

    What and who we allow to influence us are one of the most defining characteristics of our lives so we best be specific about what we want to allow to influence us. For example, if you want to learn how to be really good at sales, is your strongest influence going to be somebody who has never been successful at sales, or somebody who is successful in sales. It is ‘easier’ to listen to the not successful as there is no challenge to us that way, for certain; however, listening and being influenced by the successful, though filled with challenges, is what actually offers unlimited opportunity to discover the greatness which resides within each of us.

    And on the other side of it, what kind of influence are we to others?


  4. Coco

    I read this saying on a plaque in a store. I remembered it because it usually appeared to be the case.“Be around the people you want to be like, because you will be like the people you are around.” We pick up so many subtle things from each other that I think get past our conscious choice. Our conscious choice is who we choose as our associates. I love your poem. Children are little sponges, they do as we do.


  5. Zach

    It is amazing how you don’t realize how certain things influence you until you cut them out of your life. Once I realized this, I was much more careful about the things I spent my time doing, as the things you spend the most time doing are the things that end up influencing you the most, generally.


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