Take a Step

If you take a snapshot of your world, everything in it likely exists along a continuum from chaotic to orderly. You may for instance be a good starter but a poor finisher, an effective delegator but a weak doer or you might have a clean office but a messy bedroom. No matter which aspect of your life you examine you will find that it is in a malleable (even when static) state of being.

Given that, why not set goals for yourself that are manageable, achievable and progressive? Nothing in your world, your body or your mind is fixed. Every last bit of it is workable. Some areas of your life might be farther from the goal than others, but no matter how far away you are from where you’d like to be you can always move things forward with a bit of specific effort.

You may not be able to run that marathon today, eat a perfect diet starting tomorrow or dance like you could as a child, but you can take steps to move in that direction – deliberate daily steps that will nudge you in the right direction. Take the little steps consistently enough and you’ll eventually find that a giant leap forward comes your way. Do this over time and you’ll be prepared when the cycles align in those rare configurations that make everything seem easier.

Paralysis only comes when you are unable to establish the progressive mindset in relation to an area of your living. If you don’t see a way out or the way forward is scary or unclear, you’ll likely sit in a heap and feel powerless in relation to the seemingly insurmountable obstacle ahead of you. But it need not be that way in any area of your living!

The important thing is that you start taking baby steps, here and now. You likely did it as a child (for how daunting is the idea to someone crawling that you could balance precariously on two little feet and start walking let alone run!?!), so there is precedent in your favor.

While I’m on the topic, I recommend that you get out of the habit of worrying about the odds. I’ve seen many people get all tangled up debating the odds – “Are they in my favor or not?” – without ever taking a step.

So, take a step!

7 thoughts on “Take a Step

  1. Kai Newell

    I can think of several areas I can start taking baby steps with. Time is passing regardless, so as it passes I might as well be getting healthier, more organized, etc. Thanks for this excellent, practical encouragement!

  2. Coco

    Wonderful post! Of course I have areas that spring right to mind where a nudge like this seems like the caller for a race, “on your mark, get set; go”. I’ve had the experience of just making my mind up to begin, then just beginning with what ever I could see to do. However meager the start appeared, with it the clouds lifted and I saw a path that was previously obscured to me. The path hasn’t always remained how it looked initially but it doesn’t matter, it’s a beginning. Thanks Gregg, I’m ready to tackle something (or two) anew!

  3. Kierney

    Everything that we accomplish has to start somewhere! Baby steps are so important as it creates a solid foundation in any area.

  4. Zach

    I think it is really surprising how fast progress comes when you take manageable steps everyday. Time is going by anyway, and some progress is better than no progress, as long as it’s consistent. If you take inconsistent small steps, you really won’t get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time. Yet I think consistent small steps have a way of tricking the brain where it seems like not much is happening, and then all of a sudden you see that things are really different.

  5. Steve Ventola

    I like your words to establish a progressive mindset to an area of our living. Just the thought of these words make something daunting seem workable as those small steps are taken. What also comes to mind is that those small steps are discerned as we come to rest with what is needed at hand.

  6. Ricardo B.

    Take a step is right……fortune favors the brave as they say, and in this case, you have got to put yourself out there first to help make something happen. Sometimes doing just anything even remotely associated with the stagnant area gets the ball rolling and starts freeing up your mind and shakes your world up enough so that new avenues become accessible.

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