The Privilege of Living

No matter what trials you face, how hard your world presses in on you or how impuissant you feel in relation to your present obligations, you have underneath it all a privilege of inestimable worth: the privilege of living.

Begin and end each day with a focused reverence for the privilege of living. Reflect regularly upon your present blessings. Bring the full tithe of your appreciation into the storehouse of your being. Be diligent in this regard and you shall bring to light heavenly blessings which would otherwise remain inhumed in the earth of your circumstances.

10 thoughts on “The Privilege of Living

  1. Zach

    We are most likely always to face difficulty in our lives, from the mundane to the in-extremis. Focusing our attention on the privilege of living rather than getting tunnel vision about the issue at hand, we allow ourselves to get above the issue and have our best chance of coming out the other side unscathed. Thanks for a reminder that is always timely.

  2. Coco

    Appreciation is the instant lift, the tuning fork of the universe, the connection to abundant love. When I’m in a valley, my vision obscured, appreciation is the one comfort that is a deliberate choice. It always brings a range of opportunity I hadn’t considered or perhaps even recognized. Thanks Gregg, terrific post!

  3. Chuck Reddick

    Thanks so much for this Gregg. Once I understood this and allowed genuine gratefulness for the gift of life to became a continuous part of me, my life changed for the better. It’s amazing how that works.

  4. David R

    the simple fact of life for each one includes a steady stream of blessing and opportunity, seeking a passageway into the earth from the invisible realms. As long as we draw breath, we may meet and give form to that stream, and appreciation is the key to that!

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