Runaway Train

There is a particular self-destructive tendency I hope to bring to light today so that you can be freed of it or any of its derivatives. When your heart and mind are properly aligned, the full force and effect of your true nature can be known. If, however, they are at odds or disoriented, your expression will almost certainly be subpar, reactive, unbalanced and inappropriate.

Your critical mind is designed in such a way that it can firewall your emotional reactions to the world around you. Left unchecked, your emotional reactions can cascade, where one reaction leads to the next, even if the laundry list of events or things you are reacting to are unrelated. When heart and mind work in concert, however, they check and balance one another in a way that the dish can no longer run away with the spoon.

If you try to stop a runaway train by just putting on the brakes, you run the risk of burning through the brakes if you don’t also remove the power. So it is with heart and mind. Your mind can put on the brakes, so to speak, by tempering your powerful emotional realm with rational, critical thinking. That said, your emotional realm, once described as a beast rising up out of the sea, cannot be fully subdued by your mind.

So what can be done? Are we always at mercy of a fickle and refractory heart? Fortunately, we are not. Your heart can be “caught up unto God, and to his throne.” In other words, you can direct the orientation of your heart over time. And as I’ve said before, what has your heart has you, so you’d better be careful about where you focus the meditations of your heart.

One of the keys to centering your heart can be found in the attitude of thankfulness. Rather than focusing on that which is lacking, missing or askew in your world, develop the habit (and again this takes time) of centering the meditations of your heart on that for which you can be thankful. Deemphasize the destructive emotions (at first they’ll be hard to ignore but if you’re consistent over time you’ll quickly gain distance and perspective) and give weight to those emotions which you know are conducive to a creative outcome.

Both heart and mind can be focused and strengthened. These mechanisms for the expression of your true nature are not faulty, neither are they poorly designed. They are perfectly designed, but like any tool, they must be properly used to work properly.

Why not end the abuse by overcoming this self-destructive tendency? It will take time and you will make mistakes along the way, but greater dexterity with these two simple tools will transform your outlook and rock your world!


5 thoughts on “Runaway Train

  • It’s so liberating to know that we have so much control over our lives. The typical person gets thrown around like flotsam and jetsam, either through their own feelings or subjection to those around them. You’ve revealed in your post how this is no mystery how this happens. We can change our future. I know as I have practiced this in my own life, that no matter where you start, there is an instant sense of peace and calm knowing that you’ve done your very best. That’s something to be thankful for.

  • There is such a tendency to “Monday morning quarterback” our lives. As I mature and realize where I’ve erred, I have to extend forgiveness to myself and thankfulness for what I do understand today, along with profound thankfulness for the patience and forgiveness ever present from our creator. There is no “do over” that I’m aware of but there is the present moment to imbue with the power of what you suggest today. Thank you!

  • This post truly rocks my world!! I always felt the excuses “We’re only human” or “Nobody’s perfect” were red herrings. How freeing to realize we ARE wonderfully and perfectly made. Thank you for outlining the tools we have to exercise our right to in fact be perfect!

  • I think that without understanding this, no matter what your intentions you would eventually self-destruct in the end. There are plenty of things that are wrong in the world, and letting their negative influence cascade and overpower the influence of the things that are not wrong will lead to nothing but sorrow and disappointment.

    Focusing on the things that are right emphasize those things in ourselves and outside of them. The things that are lacking can be noticed and shelved, where we can patiently wait for the proper time to excise them.

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