Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

The success of any group of people depends upon the allegiance of its members to the goals and values they share in common. It follows, then, that leaders in any organization must take the time to imbue every aspect of the organization with the qualities it holds dearest.

In the case of my companies, our focus is on revitalizing the art and science of medicine. We realize, of course, that we cannot take the same approach as other health care companies have taken and expect a different result. So, we strive in every area of our individual and collective function to provide the uncommon touches that make the ordinary nothing less than extraordinary.

This manifests in many different ways, but one of the central keys to our success thus far has been our insistence on identifying, hiring and training leaders. We realize that the better we become at surrounding ourselves with high caliber people or alternatively, people with high potential, the more likely we are to succeed. With this comes the necessity to develop effective strategies for leading the leaders, but that is the subject of another post.

As a family of small companies, my team works in an environment where, as in a small town, everybody knows everybody. It is perhaps obvious that the corporate culture is defined by the texture of a company’s relationships (internal and external), but it is perhaps less recognized that from the standpoint of the individual every relationship affects you in one way or the other. Positive, healthy, reverent relationships constrain to increase, while negative, unwholesome and discourteous relationships invariably lead to decrease.

I imagine I could write volumes on this topic, but I have to get to work! Have a great day and think about why you are doing what you do as much as you can. If what you’re doing or how you’re doing is not aligned with the “whys” of your organization, group or tribe, then it’s probably time to find a way to make the ordinary extraordinary!

4 thoughts on “Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

  1. Isabelle

    I love this line of thought. It’s so important to live an un-jaded life with our family, loved ones, colleagues, etc. Cynicism and distrust are dampers to even being able to see the extraordinary. We can’t be fooled into thinking that there aren’t extraordinary things that will reveal themselves every single day of our lives because the world is filled with continual wonders.


  2. Chuck Reddick

    This is a great subject, and one that we could (and sometimes do) discuss and think about all of the time. Very quickly, however, because I like you Gregg need to get to work, are a couple of principles and guidelines to both attract and develop as leaders great people:
    – have high standards in all aspects, every detail, in the company
    – have high expectations of everybody who is a part of the company

    These guidelines along with trust and encouragement will go a long ways in getting us there.


  3. MMc

    What a great subject! Being fulfilled at work is worlds apart from having a job, collecting a pay check or even seeing it as a stepping stone to doing what you think as your “passion”. I’ve found myself doing jobs that weren’t anything to do with what I felt passionate about but the whys of the company were something I could get behind. Some of the different whys I’ve supported we’re; great service to all our clients, saving money for our clients, safe investments for our clients and even the highest quality product available. The why doesn’t have to be my passion but I have be able to carry it out with all my heart, then it is automatically fulfilling. I also find mutually positive and respectful coworkers make any job a pleasure to go to!


  4. Ricardo B.

    Every relationship is indeed so very important. I’d say even that the stronger the bonds within the people in a business, the stronger the bonds that can be forged between that company and other companies that strive for the same excellence – it’s part of a seamless atmosphere that naturally forms when there is genuine respect and that is simply attractive.

    If you think about what makes a person truly attractive, it’s really not so much in the looks but in the way they pay attention, give respect, listen, their courtesy, grace and mannerisms – basically how easy they make you feel carrying a high standard. In business, if you are easy to deal with and carry yourself with a high standard, more businesses will want to work with you and if you are offering something of true value, then really all the tough stuff becomes so much easier.


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