Uncompromising Living

One of the great secrets of living is this: if you live radiantly, truly radiantly, then you will begin to recognize compromises you have made in your expression of who you really are and abandon those compromises forthwith. To be sure, true expression is tempered by many things, not the least of which is the fear of loss.

You’ve no doubt found yourself on occasion saying something you shouldn’t have or not saying something you should have because you were afraid to lose something, say, a friend, your job, your reputation or an opportunity for advancement. You bit your tongue not because it was necessarily the right thing to do, but because you feared what might come back on you if you spoke up. While it may have seemed expedient at the time, you likely realized after the fact that you sold yourself short.

Whenever you compromise with respect to truth, or more specifically, the truth of your being, you end up in a compromised situation. There are no shortcuts when it comes to righteousness. You either are, or you aren’t. You must be true to yourself – not to your own interests but to the truth of you (which incidentally always align with your best interest).

Radiance will purify your world if you let it. If you are like most people, an honest review of your world would reveal a certain measure of toxic residue (people, things, thoughts and emotions) from past experiences. These unhelpful remnants are generally there not because they’ve been tattooed irreversibly onto you, but because you’ve held onto them for some reason or another. You’ve been afraid to let them go for fear of losing something (and as silly as it sounds, it may simply be the fear of not knowing what you would lose that is holding you back).

The good news is that you needn’t scan your world to identify those elements, neither do you need to pick and choose from your treasures as someone would in preparation for a garage sale. You simply need to stop holding back the radiant expression of the truth of you. That which needs to go will be repelled by the radiance and that which is consistent with and therefore attracted to the truth of you will draw near.

Most people know when they are holding onto things that are no longer fitting, healthy or helpful. For those thus conscious I wish them the courage and the honesty to be true to themselves and to let the process work out on the terms and in the timing dictated by righteousness.

As the process of purification works out you will have to take specific steps that become apparent to you. The passive suggestion that you simply “Let God” is a little misleading as you in a specific sense and human beings in a general sense are the means by which invisible will is made visible.

At the end of the day your thoughts, words and deeds either clothe truth or cloak it. No one can force you to choose. It’s up to you.

11 thoughts on “Uncompromising Living

  1. kierney

    I have done both of these at different times and have certainly found that whenever I am radiant and refuse to compromise the truth of myself (which seems to be a natural result of the first one), that I have grown and matured exponentially. It is only at these times, that I’ve felt absolutely valuable and content, regardless of how busy, stressful or intense times can be. Thanks for this reminder that it’s not only ok to be yourself, but it’s also ok not to care what anyone says or thinks about you. I’m the one I have to really face at the end of the day and time will reveal which choices I made – my plan is to look back and be happy about those choices.


  2. Joy

    Thank you Gregg for this profound consideration, the critical nature of your words are not lost on me and I take them deeply to heart. There is much that needs to pass away and no better time than the present to let this happen.


  3. Steve Ventola

    Thanks for the words about recognizing if we are being motivated by the fear of loss we are out of position of living a radiant life. Such a key here. It is good to take note when that arises in our experience and to just live radiantly anyway. Your words open a great door.


  4. Coco

    Radiant living seems the great secret. It is the attractor of things and the repeller of things. I appreciate your mentioning the fact that we are included in the team to do the job. It doesn’t mean we won’t be faced with uncomfortable decisions, the uncompromising stand we take starts with ourselves; so as the steps become apparent we take them. Your post on timing, Dec. 9 is helpful to reread to examine timing. Living isn’t hard, it’s not living radiantly that creates the oppression.


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