Respect, Compassion and Mercy

To my mind the three most important qualities any team concerned with building a firm foundation can posses are these: respect, compassion and mercy. These qualities of character are signs of strength, not weakness, and they provide “oil” necessary to lubricate the areas of friction between departments, between people and within the individual himself.

Building an organization free of the uglier elements of human nature takes time, patience and ingenuity. You must, as a leader, establish a beachhead of excellence and then invite others one by one into your camp. The genuine concern for purposeful living establishes the trajectory toward refinement, while integrity unlocks the door to the gate which leads to the camp. Both are necessary and both must be nourished if there is any hope of having people with you on the basis I am describing.

6 thoughts on “Respect, Compassion and Mercy

  1. Zach

    I think your analogy of respect, compassion, and mercy being the oil that lubricates the areas of friction within ourselves and in our areas of responsibility is spot on. Being a person who facilitates ease rather than friction is an important function for anyone who wishes to build an organization that has any excellence. We must make it easy for others to make the choices that will allow them to move onwards an upwards.


  2. Kierney

    Yes and without this, any grouping of people will become cold, uncaring and ultimately destructive. I know that as a manager/leader, I must be the best that I can be at all times and that without those three qualities, there is a very low ceiling that could be reached. With respect, compassion and mercy, your heart becomes open, you become empathetic and understanding while at the same time more perceptive. This doesn’t mean that you are a door mat. Instead, you are the door that keeps out those things that don’t belong and invites those in that do.


  3. Vincent

    Often the trouble is in interpretation on either side of the ledger. Respect tends to be seen as condescension, mercy as laxity and compassion as sympathy. There is a great need for clear representation and demonstration over time of the real traits you emphasize. Without them it is a heartless and tragic world.


  4. MMc

    This is true of any team and of a family too! The uglier elements of human nature usually are unleashed through judgement. Being respectful of each other mitigates the tendency to criticize. Compassion brings a concern that will soften any requirement of correction and mercy is a byproduct of forgiveness. Bringing these qualities to the foundation of a business probably should be common place but today is avant-guard and refreshing. They create an atmosphere that people can flourish in. Thanks for this post, it raises the bar.


  5. Ricardo B.

    Just as friction dissipates energy in a motor and ultimately wears down its components, so do judgemental attitudes between coworkers in a business. And just as any component in an engine is never strong enough to withstand constant friction, the same with people – it ultimately will wear anybody down if harsh criticism is the rule. We all need to be dealt with justly and extend that wise balance to others as errors are going to come up, and as you learn to ‘grease the wheel’ properly to prevent meltdowns, I think you then become a vital asset to the team.


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