Converging to Center

Each Life Converges to Some Centre by Emily Dickinson

Each Life Converges to some Centre —
Expressed — or still —
Exists in every Human Nature
A Goal —

Embodied scarcely to itself — it may be —
Too fair
For Credibility’s presumption
To mar —

Adored with caution — as a Brittle Heaven —
To reach
Were hopeless, as the Rainbow’s Raiment
To touch —

Yet persevered toward — sure — for the Distance —
How high —
Unto the Saint’s slow diligence —
The Sky —

Ungained — it may be — by a Life’s low Venture —
But then —
Eternity enable the endeavoring

One of the greatest joys in life is to discover the “center” to which your life converges. The moment you do is the moment you realize that all else is peripheral or secondary if not superfluous.

None of us was born with a manual and some of us are lucky enough not to have someone else’s notion of our center painted on us before we get a chance to discover our true center. To find this center you typically have to break free of the patterns imposed upon you by well-meaning family, friends, teachers and compatriots, but be not mistaken: your center is never revealed to you by means of rebelling against that which you perceive to be keeping you from your purpose. Instead, your center is revealed through your service to others.

It must be drawn forth form deep within you, for your center sits at your center, the core of your being. I love Dickinson’s mention of “a brittle heaven” because it accurately describes the nature of that which connects you as you know yourself – the outer you – to the center of who you really are.

The term “heaven” symbolizes the invisible, that which precedes the “earth,” the visible. Most people fail to realize the importance of their heaven and as such are condemned to live a life running to and fro in the dust of the earth of their experience with little understanding as to why things are how they are and even less knowledge as to how to establish the conditions necessary for the perfect expression of their higher nature.

This heaven was also described in the oft misunderstood Book of Revelation as a “sea of glass, like unto crystal.” An untroubled heart is a prerequisite for the establishment of this sea of glass, as is the willingness to “repent” as it was put in archaic language, which is to rethink and adjust the patterns of orientation that are keeping you from living in accordance with the principles truth that govern life, that is, the laws of “the kingdom of heaven” that “is at hand.”

You cannot know your center if you are afraid of it, bound up in judgment of everything in your world or paradoxically, trying to get it. No one can tell you what your center is. It is for you to know and you to find out. It is in this sense a deeply personal matter, a communion of sorts that you must come to on your own once the foundational elements of truth have been laid in your consciousness.

One of the several purposes of this daily blog is to provide those foundational elements in a simple, manageable and palatable form. I’ve tried not to focus overly on religious terminology or concepts while at the same time not over-secularizing the matter, for it is both a sacred and a practical concern. I’ve sought to draw on the clearest examples I’ve seen in poetry, scripture, personal quotations and original thought so that you might have the opportunity to know your center for yourself.

If I have succeeded in this and have helped you along the way, well and good. If I have failed and you are not yet convinced, I ask only that you meet my message with honest skepticism and not false humility or unreasoned rejection.

9 thoughts on “Converging to Center

  1. Zach

    The “sea of glass” is a vital point, I think. There is a lot of energy put into keeping the heart from being that sea of glass, whether consciously or subconsciously. Along with serving others, I think that is a vital part of being able to discover our true purpose.


  2. Vincent

    Your posts always provide a clear and inventive reminder of the nature of the Center of things, and how to access and integrate with that Center. Simple wisdom has been lost and obscure to the world in general. We can each see that that changes so that the world can see something different.


  3. Steve Ventola

    Thank you for the emanation of your center in service to your world. You have been a great example through your blog for all to take note of what it means to increasingly know one’s center.


  4. Chuck Reddick

    As far as I am concerned Gregg, you have succeeded. I still look forward to your postings each morning as they not only inspire me for the moment but cause me to reach way down deep inside of myself to keep discovering ways to be more valuable to others.

    thank you!


  5. Coco

    I look forward to reading your gems each morning. Your ability to strike a note and then make it easy to understand has been a welcome addition to my daily meditation. I also enjoy reading the Bible daily, therein I find guidance along with compelling history and dazzling prose. Your inclusion of poems, quotes and subjects proves to me there have been those and still are those who have a message from their center to deliver to their fellows. I receive them all in joy and appreciation. They help me to a richer life as I am better equipped to be of service to others. Onward and upward, Gregg. Thank you.


  6. Ricardo B.

    I, for one, look forward to reading and thinking about your daily posts. It is evident that the universe you portray and believe in is one of purpose and order which is what draws me ever so close, for I too believe in such a reality. It is quite amazing how many others there are too who also have pondered life’s great mysteries, from scientists to artists of all stripes, to the great visionaries of the world, who have declared this message and who I’ve come to know thanks to your writings.

    What I’ve received from your work is a means to truly understand the world I live in and I cannot thank you enough for that. There are many important things in life and without knowing what’s truly important the tendency is to get caught up in surface arguments which at the end of the day, doesn’t really change much in your life. By simply trying out for yourself if these principles hold water – relinquishing judgement, stilling the heart, reorienting to truth as much and often as needed – you can see for yourself that life does ‘work’ and there is not an element of randomness that predominates.

    Your message will always persevere for it speaks of the eternal. I, for one, feel my duty to be as a ‘keeper of the flame’ as it’s been put and will continue to spread its renewing influence in the world that I live in which truly makes for a great adventure. As children, we all love great adventure stories where there are challenges and perils to overcome. Well, this child is a little older now but still craves adventure and by golly, I’ve got one and am smack in the middle of it! Having the tools to navigate an adventure makes all the difference, for without these tools such as the ones you provide, it’s like fumbling around in the dark.


    1. Ricardo B.

      Oh, and yes, the ultimate key to unlocking it all? Find a way to express your love for the world by participating in service. If you stand for love, ya gotta show it!


  7. Kai Newell

    Thank you for breathing new life into terms that have been misunderstood by me. Spotlight on me, I see myself in a different light with this post. Much appreciated!


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