A Song of Life

If nothing else, your life should be an inspiration to others less fortunate than you.

I do not imagine that the man, woman or child who, squatting beneath the crush of humanity, gasping for fresh air, scratching for his or her next morsel is fortunate enough to read, let alone read this post online.

Given that you likely have at least both, I encourage you to take this poem to heart and pay it forward by singing your song of life to the world around you. Waste no more time obsessing about that which you don’t have, that which you wish were different and emphasize with all your heart and all your soul the blessings and advantages you have immediately at your fingertips.

Have a great day, dear readers, and I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I did when I found it last night!


A Song of Life by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

In the rapture of life and of living,
I lift up my head and rejoice,
And I thank the great Giver for giving
The soul of my gladness a voice.
In the glow of the glorious weather,
In the sweet-scented, sensuous air,
My burdens seem light as a feather
They are nothing to bear.

In the strength and the glory of power,
In the pride and the pleasure of wealth
(For who dares dispute me my dower
Of talents and youth-time and health?) ,
I can laugh at the world and its sages
I am greater than seers who are sad,
For he is most wise in all ages
Who knows how to be glad.

I lift up my eyes to Apollo,
The god of the beautiful days,
And my spirit soars off like a swallow,
And is lost in the light of its rays.
Are you troubled and sad? I beseech you
Come out of the shadows of strife
Come out in the sun while I teach you
The secret of life.

Come out of the world – come above it
Up over its crosses and graves,
Though the green earth is fair and I love it,
We must love it as masters, not slaves.
Come up where the dust never rises
But only the perfume of flowers
And your life shall be glad with surprises
Of beautiful hours.
Come up where the rare golden wine is
Apollo distills in my sight,
And your life shall be happy as mine is,
And as full of delight.

10 thoughts on “A Song of Life

  1. Zach

    Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our issues that we forget the successes we have already have had. I think that this poem also beautifully states that whether or not we achieve our goals, if we let ourselves get beaten down along the way our success will be greatly diminished compared to what is possible. Thanks for sharing this poem.


  2. Carol

    This is a poem to clip and post in a conspicuous spot so the reminder is always there. Whenever a feeling of discouragement comes up, the words of our good friend who died earlier this year, echos in my head. He had some major health issues from an early age that anyone might say would justify a feeling of discouragement or feeling badly done by. Yet he told me once that he felt he had had it easy all his life and that if it were not as comfortable the latter part of his life, it was alright by him. He would go out giving it everything he had. He focused on being a blessing and that is it’s own reward.


  3. Lady Leo

    Beautiful poem. I love her work. She was avant-guarde for her day. Her curiosity about more than the status quo experience is still an inspiration. This poem is a wonderful description of appreciation. Thanks for posting it!


  4. Ricardo B.

    This is such a crucial point, and thank you for proclaiming the honor of life in this post and poem. Life today has to be looked at in perspective, where people – real human beings – round the world are in dire straits, where basic survival is the rule. Yes, I count my blessings every single day to have been given a decent education and I would feel ashamed to acquire things in life that I haven’t earned somehow and that aren’t of proper use in somehow blessing the world I live in. I sincerely agree that the world desperately needs the folks who pay forward instead of backward to themselves primarily. The real peace in your life comes not as you try to escape labor and constantly reward yourself, but in finding and then living in some stream of assistance to the world you live in, a stream unique to your talents and abilities which need to be explored and developed. It’s not fair the world has become what it is, and if you agree, then really you have to do something about it.


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