Slip of the Tongue

Better slip with foot than tongue.” – Benjamin Franklin

There are few things worse than saying something negative or demeaning about another person who is unexpectedly within earshot. It is a good practice to imagine anyone you’re talking about being in the room with you. If it is a criticism, ask yourself “Would I say it to him or her this way in person?” If it is sarcastic, ask yourself “Will sharing this help the target of my wit to be a better person?”

6 thoughts on “Slip of the Tongue

  1. Joshua

    Such unfortunate expressions start in the invisible, in the realm of our heart & mind, where the greatest leverage is… For even if unsaid, often the broadcast of sarcasm or demeaning comments can be felt without a word. This opens the way for change of heart.
    Moving forward, the question to ask would be “how can I best draw forth the inherent reality in said person?”
    If our centering be in reality the chance for a “so called slip” would be almost nil.
    Thanks Gregg!


  2. Joy

    It would be so easy to agree with your words KGregg but not make the necessary changes in action. Thank you for your persistent call to live above the fray, by actually doing what you are suggesting.


  3. rowan

    It is a terrible thing to hurt someone with words and the sting is much worse when it is overheard by that person. Your advice to consider that the person you are speaking of is in the room with you is excellent.


  4. Coco

    I’ve been frankly shocked at the venom and hate that pours out of people since the advent of the Internet. I know it is predominantly cowards who target individuals anonymously but the fact remains it is, what is, the content of their hearts. Your post today is a reminder that in this situation as well, we could ask ourselves, is the content of my heart so bitter that this is what automatically finds expression? Thanks Gregg. The commandment was to love one another. If in that spirit something has to be said, be a man or woman and say it so correction can be made and the recipient can go on with renewed support, even if the change required is a hurdle for them. We all have more of a chance to grow in grace and stature.


  5. Zach

    This is cringe worthy, and you’re right with the solution. Just because something is uncomfortable doesn’t make it bad, but if a solution is necessary, it better be helpful if the person hears it, because you never know…


  6. DeeDee

    I will definitely keep these questions in mind today. I already feel mindless chatter decreasing! What are the seeds I am going to plant with my words today? I will choose carefully. Thank you so much for this post!


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