Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind by Kathleen Raine

If the pool were still
The reflected world
Of tottering houses,
The falling cities,
The quaking mountains
Would cohere on the surface

And stars invisible
To the troubled mind
Be seen in water
Drawn from the soul’s
Bottomless well.

Your pool is stilled not by outer circumstance, but from within outward. It is for this reason that you need not go away, withdraw from society or cloister yourself to know peace, in fact, you can be at peace, surrounded and permeated by a sea of glass like unto crystal in any circumstance whatsoever.

The fulness of your power and vision are only available when your heart and mind are undisturbed. This stillness comes as you gain confidence in your soul’s “bottomless well.” This peace is known as you declare the voice of reason to your world. Radiance over reaction in all cases is preferred.

Once you realize that all the world’s woes – the “tottering houses,” “falling cities” and “quaking houses” – spring from the same basic cause, you see that one is no more troubling than the other. Moreover, you realize that there is but one solution in principle, applied many different ways.

The way out is marked by the stars invisible to the troubled mind and heart.

6 thoughts on “Peace of Mind

  1. Zach

    This is something that has been misunderstood for far too long. While there is value to be had in occasionally removing oneself from the tumult of the world, it is not an honest excuse as to why any of us are unable to constantly keep a still pool.

    I have also noticed that as the pool stills and the ripples diminish, there are further levels of refinement necessary to learn and to apply if you want to keep your pool clear and unblemished. While what creates the big ripples and the small ripples is the same, their application can be sufficiently different that a novel solution is necessary.


  2. Joshua

    As I sit in quiet peaceful review of this matter of utmost importance…
    I can see many area’s of personal application.
    An old saying came to mind …”The Kingdom of Heaven is but a half-an-hour, away” and I would add, “Or less”, and quite naturally.
    Releasing a little deeper each time to the ever-present current of life.
    Also quite naturally our radiant stance of peace becomes a force to be reckoned with calming the hearts and minds of those within our sphere of influence.
    I Love Reality.


  3. Ricardo B.

    Safeguard the heart, and let no chaos spoil the still point inside!

    A beautiful day’s meditation worthy of a lifetime of rememberance and thanksgiving, for its simple truth protects you from losing sight of what truly matters in life. That means to me keeping order in your life, which then helps to extend that order, that sense of balance, harmony and symmetry, into the world at large. If order is not kept, then the world’s disorder finds residence inside you and inner chaos quickly follows.


  4. Strawberryfield

    An untroubled mind and heart are priceless. No matter what befalls or is bestowed on me the peace in my heart and thoughts carry the day. I appreciate your daily posts as one of those stars that lead the way out. Thank you.


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