True or False

True religion is real living, where every thought, word and deed binds fast the material world with the incorporeal. True religion is the generation of the connecting substance which allows for the transmutation of love and truth into tangible, coherent life expression. True religion cannot be limited to a common set of rites, rituals and beliefs, in fact, in its purest sense it is the process by which the invisible is made visible…as above, so below.

True religion has less to do with a particular faith than it does the elements of truth held in common by all shades of faith. True religion is devoid of self-righteousness, free of prejudice and grounded in the immutable laws of being. True religion, therefore, is not the product of human opinion but the means by which thoughts are purely formed, words are fitly spoken and actions are grounded in righteousness.

False religion is the worship of the unreal. False religions demand obedience to the unknown, mesmerize with great mysteries and conquer by dividing. False religions divide more than they connect. False religions suppress true thinking whenever the truth is adulterated, intentionally or accidentally.

False religion is corrupted living, no matter what the underlying intention. False religion divorces its adherents from love and truth and grafts their hearts and minds to a self-fashioned source. False religion is inverted worship, a state of living wherein love and truth are imagined to be in man’s likeness, rather than the converse.

True religion creates reality, giving life and newness to all things. False religion foments unreality, giving the appearance but not the fact of symmetry between the incorporeal and the material, the invisible and the visible, heaven and earth.

So what will it be: true or false?

6 thoughts on “True or False

  1. Zach

    I think that true religion, when you are in tune with it, has an atmosphere unlike any other that is not able to be faked. When you are not in tune with it, it can seem threatening, because it’s very nature reveals rather than obfuscates which should be threatening to untruths!

    True religion has no secrets to hide and nothing to fear.


  2. Joshua

    I choose to live a life characterized by True religion, sharing and incorporating all its virtues, that others choice might be restored, because really….The choice is clear.


  3. Mmc

    The present state of the world is a perfect reflection of most religions in it. Fear, corruption, bias; along with a powerful dose of hate seem to govern the hearts and heads of man. The litmus test could be; does it enslave us or free us ? True religion is always available, a building or leader is not necessary to participate.


  4. Ricardo B.

    Indeed, this definition of religion applies to everybody regardless what is believed. Religion is a state of being whose gauge is the proximity of truth that is known and revealed. Separate truths create false concepts about religion, for truth only separates the unreal as it connects all things real. People cannot own reality, can’t copyright it or patent it. This is perhaps partly why it strikes fear into many a heart of man for it cannot be controlled or used to control, for its power is only felt in complete submission to it. One has to lose any desire to dominate and surrender both heart and mind to its will.

    To me, the epitome of true freedom is found in true religion. It changes everything, and what I find is that it harmonizes all of my passions so that I am not divided and thus not conflicted in myself. I know that feeling and it cannot be tolerated for too long by anyone without some negative consequence. One I am as one I stand on the earth, free to pursue my heart’s joy with the song of truth coursing through my veins, giving me the strength and courage to live a life in good faith.


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