Grace and Rude Will

Within the infant rind of this small flower 
Poison hath residence, and medicine power; 
For this, being smelt, with that part cheers each part; 
Being tasted, slays all senses with the heart. 
Two such opposed kings encamp them still 
In man as well as herbs—grace and rude will; 
And where the worser is predominant, 
Full soon the canker death eats up that plant.

– William Shakespeare

Each day you are presented with one circumstance after another through which you can affirm your inner grace or give voice to your rude will. The nature of the circumstance is irrelevant, for you are possessed of free will and how you respond is your choice, not the circumstance’s or those present with you.

The choices you make will establish a trajectory for your life. You generate momentum and the momentum you gather helps you overcome the more challenging situations you face.

That said, you are not fully responsible for all that happens to you. Your path constantly intersects with directions chosen and choices made by others. Collisions in these intersections may not be your fault, but they remain nonetheless yours to handle.

Handle them wisely, or at least to the best of your present ability, and you will find the next obstacle easier to handle. Grace begets grace.


5 thoughts on “Grace and Rude Will

  1. Coco

    In the state of grace it seems impossible to adopt a victims fate. Accepting the circumstances as they may be is not weak and fighting them is not a sign of strength. I find looking at them as a neutral and putting my strength in the direction of the upward and onward path I have chosen emphasizes the natural change and constant evolution that is the bequeathment of our Creator. We didn’t invite every situation in our lives but as you say, they become ours to handle. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” That’s the job! That’s our choice.


  2. Ricardo B.

    It’s true, though one knows not the details of how their life will unfold, establishing a trajectory in the present provides knowledge of the nature of how it will unfold, and this is more than enough to keep one occupied and at peace with the things to come. Unless of course the trajectory carries a negative slope, in which case increased trouble and disorder awaits. The momentum here sure is a drag.
    The upward path in contrast, carries increased order out of disorder as there is that peculiar power of momentum again generated in this trajectory, but that feels light, and helps smooth out the wrinkles that appear instead of creating them. I’ve seen it simply becomes easier to make the ‘right’ choices after similar choices have been made; there is less struggle, less confusion, for the attitude of right has set in.
    Grace unto grace, the blessed victor!


  3. Marianne Q

    This is really awesome advice. If just this one area of our lives was handled correctly, we would have so much space and energy to create and do great things!


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