Truth be Told

I read a disturbing article recently, one which made me think of the zero-sum game induced by the human tendency to judge others. Wherever judgment prevails, truth will be veiled.

Truth be Told by Gregg Hake

Aliaksander Barankov exposed their crimes and then ran off
To South America no less, ‘for his accusers could him oppress.
Julian Assange succeeded too, he tweaked the nose of you know who,
But found himself on yonder shore, trapped behind a Knightsbridge door.

Calls for help went not unheard, asylum granted plight deterred.
Little nation prompts commotion, was it truth or self-promotion?
Europe’s last despot came by, with promises piled sky high.
Barankov arrested then, not if to extradite but when.

So careful what you’re asking for, when you’re trapped behind a door
High moral ground oft does obscure, underlying hearts impure.
When tempers flare it’s all a ruse, by those in pow’r who do abuse
With rhetoric oft blustery, the truth in all its majesty.

7 thoughts on “Truth be Told

  1. Lady Leo

    I think everyone will at some time find themselves in a tight spot, some self induced, others not so much. The question and the freedom comes in when we decide how to conduct ourselves at that point. Aligning ourselves with what we know about the character of the Omnipotent, thankfulness, appreciation, forgiveness may allow for a solution not even dreamed of. I do believe there are greater powers than the ones who claim it on Earth. Rather a cautionary tale, I appreciate you sentiments.


  2. MMc

    These people’s lives have become pawns in a game. It is sad. Like a frustrating TV show you hope for a happy ending but finding honest help looks dim. Countries that give so
    much power to a few are particularly frightening to me. When I read stories like these I send a quiet prayer apologizing for the state of this world.


  3. Zach

    Talented orators can fool the foolish into thinking they are speaking the truth, but those who live their lives in the light of truth are less often fooled. In politics, there is often a stark dissonance between words and actions. The truth does not have much of a home in that profession, unfortunately, as politicians are meant to be our leaders. They should be held to the highest standards of truth, but we expect less of them than we do a soldier on the ground fighting in a foreign country.
    When people see that it is possible to live a life that is tempered and guided by truth, they will demand that the people in charge do the same.


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