7 thoughts on “Eternal Dart

  1. Coco

    Your poem is a wonderful example of what is possible when we drop the barriers of judment and prejudice to rekindle our connection to the source of the universe. Thanks for the inspiration to look at things with an open mind and uncluttered heart.


  2. Steve Ventola

    That eternal dart of life is always present bringing newness, genius and inspiration as we muse beyond the surface of things. I found it interesting to find the word Muse in the dictionary referring to Greek mythology regarding the nine nymphs who presided over the fine and liberal arts. There was one named, Polyhymnia, who presided over sacred hymns and harmony. I found this to be something to muse upon receiving that dart of eternal life.


  3. Ricardo B.

    Optimism……the shining star that illuminates our path through life’s victorious procession. I am convinced that optimism is the natural state of man, the natural attitude that comes as the heart is unencumbered, released of tension in step with a conscious awareness of a just and fitting world. A proper context for living is desperately required to liberate us from our brutality, engaging us rather towards mending our personal disputes and ultimately, the healing of the nations.


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