Consult your Eye!

You’ll know it — as you know ’tis Noon —
By Glory —
As you do the Sun —
By Glory —
As you will in Heaven —
Know God the Father — and the Son.

By intuition, Mightiest Things
Assert themselves — and not by terms —
“I’m Midnight” — need the Midnight say —
“I’m Sunrise” — Need the Majesty?

Omnipotence — had not a Tongue —
His lisp — is Lightning — and the Sun —
His Conversation — with the Sea —
“How shall you know”?
Consult your Eye!

~ (420, ca. 1862) Emily Dickinson

Intuition, conceived in a pure heart and birthed through a mind inclined to righteousness, is of tremendous value to humanity. It is the spark of original thought, the flash of brilliance which happens in the blink of an eye.

Intuition cannot come all the way through from its invisible, inner source into outer, visible expression if body, mind and heart are not in one place. Forgiveness and compassion gather the three into alignment, while judgment, prejudice, fear and greed subluxate that which would naturally be unified in both purpose and function. Free of these frustrations, the pathways of intuition are restored.

Life is fluid, moving perpetually, a dramatic movement from one moment to the next, a rushing river drawing with it the logs and branches of stubborn false concepts and emotional trauma which catch occasionally on the river banks. Yield to the central current of life, that is, truth, and the blockages are quickly swept away.

Let mightiest things assert themselves, dear readers, and consult your eye!


6 thoughts on “Consult your Eye!

  1. Ricardo B.

    I can see that where answers and solutions would otherwise come were there to be focus and alignment in our ‘eye’, the simple effect of being divided inside distorts this inner vision of which you you speak. We should prize these elements of compassion and forgiveness wholeheartedly, seeing them as non-negotiable for the flow of the life force is our very sustenance and unnecessary tensions if allowed to be, work quick to create a world where nothing makes sense anymore. Life is full of sense, waiting to be grasped by open, relaxed and spirited people – may the eye be single as it has once been put!


  2. Steve Ventola

    Thank you for your TRUMPET CALL today. If taken to heart the magnificence of reality will sweep our souls upward in the blink of an eye.


  3. Lady Leo

    What a wonderful greeting to this day. I think of intuition as the science and metric of a pure heart and righteous thinking. Thanks Gregg!


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