Another Way

What is it about human beings and their insatiable desire to compete, compare and judge? One of my professional goals is to create a space free of these limiting and obfuscating elements as I am confident that something wonderful will eventually emerge. This is, as you can imagine, quite a task given the current climate in the mind of man.

Those who have given themselves to conformity would say that it is more often better not to let the world know what’s wrong. If the overriding concern of life is to fit in or to be comfortable, then they are absolutely correct. If, however, the central purpose if living is not to conform to generally held beliefs, but to the truth of the matter, then it is important not only to let the world know what’s wrong, but to reveal how it can be done correctly so that others less intrepid can have an example to follow.

What this comes down to in a corporate setting is the need to find creative ways to inspire those committed to this vision to a higher state of function. This is inglorious but deeply satisfying work, requiring constant attention, unwavering inspiration and the willingness to stand alone as required.

This devil, as you might imagine, is found in the details. It lurks in the way different departments relate to one another. It conceals itself in the attitudes held by our sales team in relation to our so-called competitors. I say “so-called” when referring to the other companies in our industry because I know that no one company is in position to meet every need in the market.

Moreover, I don’t feel the need to act as judge, jury and executioner of my fellows, be they friends or enemies. If you have to resort to diminishing others, you probably don’t have much confidence in the value you bring.

True progress does not come at the expense of the fulfillment of others. We’ve grown accustomed to a weak facsimile of the deeply fulfilling progress of which I speak, but that which has become normal is not necessarily natural.

It’s time to reveal another way to do business.

Don’t wait for the last judgment, it takes place every day.” – Albert Camus

9 thoughts on “Another Way

  1. Coco

    Well said. I think many people in the business and political world would agree, now there have to be a brave few that start the ball rolling! Thanks for your initiative.


  2. Ricardo B.

    The solution certainly does not rest in the politics of posture! To view the world as a place of shared, collaborative stewardship first and foremost would revolutionize the way businesses are run. Maybe even sports too – why not? It sure is a deep scar in our psyche that compels us to compete at all costs. We cannot remain as islands and expect to live whole.

    “Where does the answer lie?
    Living from day to day
    if it’s something we can’t buy
    there must be another way”
    – the Police


  3. Lara

    Agreed. We are all responsible for the impression we leave on others. The art if living is allowing the outer to truly represent the inner qualities of our heart. Great time to rise to the occasion.


  4. Nicolai

    Denigrating our fellows is really going to the lowest common denominator and accomplishes nothing. Thank you for this reminder as this came reveal itself in many ways that are worth examining in our daily lives.


  5. Doug

    I feel the same way about the “competitors” in my industry. We earn our business by doing the best work we can and raising the standards in the industry. To do this our relationship with our clients and the information we give them are treated as valuable windows to figure out how we can better assist them, and just as imperative, how we can improve what we do. Great competitors will tell you it’s never about pushing others down its about pushing their own present limit. Good post.


  6. S.B.

    What you are describing here is a fantastic standard that shouldn’t be missed or taken for granted. It gives meaningful purpose to every level of living. That is so exciting! I know that no matter what I can always play my part of the equation, but how much easier, fulfilling and effective it is to work within a network of support as you are making available through your blog and business model.


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