Dive In!

Why are you here? Have you thought much about it? I have a hard time believing that we are only here to perpetuate the species or to beg, borrow and steal in an effort to die with the most toys. Surely there must be a good reason for your presence on earth?

The way I see it, the whole point of living is to find the ways to let the fullness of the inner invisible, eternal you (aka spirit, being, focus of life or inner soul) that you are find expression through your body, mind and heart, that is, the outer, visible and temporal you. Another way of looking at it is that you must establish the means of connecting the human parts that you “have” with the being part that you “are.”

You are, after all, a human being, aren’t you? These two parts combine to create a whole when everything is working correctly. Many people profess to understand the value of the two functioning seamlessly together, but they regularly revert to the “I’m only human” mentality when the pressure comes on or when they are promoted to the level of their present incompetence.

While we’re in the topic, incompetence is often nothing more than an area in your outer expression where you haven’t yet found the way to let the fullness of the inner you out into the open. Granted there are natural limits for each of us, but generally speaking the limitations people experience are the result of immaturities or “flat spots” in your body, mind and heart and these temporary limitations are not inherent to the inner you and can therefore be overcome.

Of all the things that dislocate or subluxate the two parts of you, none is more seemingly innocuous and more ubiquitous than the mental, physical, or even emotional attitude which is clothed by the phrase “I don’t like.” Virtually every time you make this statement you are laying another brick up on the wall which separates the being that you are from the human capacities of body, mind and heart that you have. So it is that the majority of personal limitations you experience are self-imposed.

If you wish to move at the glass ceiling of your own making, look to dive in where you have previously ducked out. Grab that which you’ve avoided by the horns and give the same attention, care and effort you’ve given to that which you’ve liked to that which you’d prefer not to do. There is no shorter or faster way to personal progress and consequently, to making a difference in the world than to knock down the walls which veil the you who you are from the you who you thought you were.

6 thoughts on “Dive In!

  1. Steve Ventola

    Thank you for pointing out the need to face the I don’t likes in my world. The seed has been planted and it brings an excitement to meet those things in the spirit of doing what I have liked to do. This does bring a refreshment.


  2. Ricardo B.

    Now that I think about it, it does seem rather childish to separate the things you do into likes and dislikes, always struggling to put up with one and overrelishing the other. Seems like alot of important things are missed this way, as well as unnecessary tensions created in yourself and amongst others. Oftentimes I’ve found in doing the things I haven’t liked just that I haven’t been good at and once some proficiency is gained, they are more enjoyable.
    In any case, pre-judging a thing affords alot of missed opportunities to develop your weaknesses and creates a classic creature of comfort mentality.


  3. Zach

    This post definitely mirrors some thoughts that I have been having lately. Why does it seem that progress stops at a certain point for most people? There just seem to be areas that are different for each of us where we never make much progress. Even for those that have had an affinity in a certain area, if improvements are not continually made entropy will be the result. You will even lose the progress that you did make.

    The first step to avoiding this is realizing that it occurs. You can’t coast in life, period. We are here to make an impact and we can only do that by allowing our innate greatness to shine through more and more.


  4. Lady Leo

    I agree human beings must have a purpose for our existence on Earth. Even though it is not commonly understood doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I also think we are so fundamentally driven to actualize purpose that we each try to come up with something that, even temporarily or sporadically, fullfills the impulse. I think this may then impede the development of any forward movement towards uncovering our principal purpose. Taking the factual opportunities that do come our way may just be the breadcrumbs to finding what has been obscured.


  5. David R

    Particularly, though not exclusively, as one gets older it can seem compelling to retreat into familiarity as the sense of self and possibility hardens along with one’s arteries! But why not disturb the routine, confront limitation, take some chances? Life is always new regardless of anyone’s age, and years of experience can actually be used to advantage if one gets out of the habit of casting backward under pressure. Inspiring challenge here!


  6. Teryl Worster

    Great advice! Searching out the “I don’t likes” and meeting those areas with deliberate intention to overcome them can only bring on positive change. I am reminded of the scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory when the elevator broke through the glass ceiling of rhe factory and allowed Charlie a new perspective on the works he had grown up in. Lots to learn still relative to clearing the path of our own limiting assumptions.


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