Renewed by Grace

If you are renewed by grace, and were to meet your old self, I am sure you would be very anxious to get out of his company.” – Charles H. Spurgeon

Grace is the free and often unmerited favor which attends life as it flows from within outward. Grace manifests as the bestowal of blessings and it unshackles you from past limitations and mistakes, intentional or accidental.

The world’s major religions recognize this truth and paint it in the color and texture appropriate to the parameters of their belief, but regardless of what worldview you espouse, grace is forever at hand. It is life’s nature.

Grace, received deeply into the heart, is the starter of compassion. It is the yeast which leavens the loaf of your radiant expression. There is no need to try to be kind, forgiving and magnanimous with your peers when you recognize that you are the fortunate recipient of daily grace from the eternal source of life within you.

You cannot, of course, give what you don’t have, but in the case of grace, you are given a steady diet of it whether you recognize it or not. Once you come to terms with this reality, you can freely give what you have freely been given. On this basis, you can stop trying and start letting grace permeate your every thought, word and deed.


9 thoughts on “Renewed by Grace

  1. Ricardo B.

    I have thought myself that the state of grace gives evidence of the existence of angels. I don’t mean to sound hokey, but what else could buffer and protect us from the full brunt of our own mistakes and transgressions? Life is kind and forgiving beyond fault if you stop and think about it, and certainly grace is a privilege once recognized you dare not abuse. It is the gift that allows us to learn from our mistakes where in all fairness were we to reap the full consequences thereof, we probably couldn’t even meet our former selves!


  2. Zach

    It is amazing the humility that comes from realizing how many times grace has saved me from myself. Maybe others weren’t as fortunate, or maybe the grace they need can come from me, but it would be very hypocritical to see myself as superior to someone when it wasn’t even necessarily my efforts that put me into a position of advantage.

    Judgement sets us up against one another. It compares and weighs its findings, but those findings always come from a flawed set of data. Grace can only thrive in a place where these flawed findings cease to be.


  3. Steve Ventola

    One of the defintions that I have found of grace states, “the free unmerited love and favor of God,” Your words today further represent the grace that is constantly being given to us that simply needs to be received. As we open to receive it we are infilled with something that is renewing. Humbleness and gratefulness for the grace of life at hand is really a starting point for living a life without strife.


  4. David R

    Exercised by grace, one is gracious – noble, generous, wise and balanced. Such balance cannot be achieved by manipulation of circumstance or by judgment of any kind. To acknowledge the ver-present quality of grace is a perfect starting point regardless of any appearance. It restores the sense of poise and dignity, lighting the lamp of expression. Your words here are both timely and timeless!


  5. Joshua

    The possibilities are endless when such a simple shift is actualized, even in just a moment. Now carry that through an entire day….or better yet a week….what if several others did this on a consistent basis….would that be the formula for a world uplifted?
    Thank-you Gregg, for simplifying the matter, renewing the perspective, and reminding us of what’s truly possible!


  6. MMc

    Grace is freely bestowed on us to then freely bestow it on others. Grace under pressure is only possible when it is a consistent expression. I love to be with grace filled people it is an example worth emulating. Wonderful subject and post, thank you.


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