A Flaming Heart

Every great achievement is the victory of a flaming heart.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you take a moment to review the greatest victories in your life, you’ll likely notice that they were in large part the product of a focused mind, but more importantly, a flaming heart. The world turns on passion.

That said, the human world can be a cold, cruel and unforgiving place. No one passes through it unscathed, and the sad reality is that most people – even the most extroverted – progressively shut down over time. The heart tends to harden when injured or broken.

The trouble with a hardened hard is that it can no longer carry the charge that it can when it is supple, yielded and inclined to all that is beautiful and true. That charge, properly channeled, is the fuel that propels an average man to greatness. Its loss, therefore, is devastating.

In some cases the individual totally shuts down. Such individuals permanently lose their ability to take a charge, like a dead battery. Don’t worry, though, such cases are few and far between. The other 99.9% have a chance to heal and continue on to do great things.

The are many ways to heal the human heart. Two of the most potent salves are forgiveness and radiance. The former heals from the outside in, the latter from the inside out. Forgiveness removes the irritant, like pulling a splinter from under the skin, and allows the healing process to begin. Radiance purifies as it moves out, expelling impurities as it flows.

Forgiveness and radiance should be an everyday affair, not just an occasional afterthought.

8 thoughts on “A Flaming Heart

  1. Coco

    Music to my heart! Thanks for distilling a process that is the ultimate in what I call cosmic leverage. An uncomplicated and accessible action for any one with enormous advantages personally and collectively. Thanks for a brilliant post!


  2. Teryl Worster

    As each of us takes the time to heal our own hearts, the combined radiance of a world full of flaming hearts could be the ticket to saving and healing our world as a whole. What a great starting point for those of is who care. Thanks!!


    1. Steve Ventola

      Love your comment Teryl and Gregg’s post. I feel the passion of them as well as our unified commission to brighten this world. Forgiveness and radiance is such a simple formula for doing so.


  3. Oh, the passion of Life!!! How sad to see it lost in a fellow human, when all around us we can see other forms of beings hold that great emotion until the close of their days. Humans seem to so easily become lost in the great waves of judgements of their own making, fueled by what they believe happened in the past. Life does hold pain, but always within the pain are great lessons, and often even great beauty.


  4. Kolya

    There’s not many people who couldn’t afford to forgive or to be more radiant. Sometimes the human heart and mind are so stubborn, mostly to their own detriment. Thank you for highlighting the importance of reviewing this for ourselves daily and not just when the going may get tough.


  5. Joshua

    Moving forward, proving and thereby knowing this, would allow one to firmly stand upon the assurance that “Right now, our hearts are as hard as they will ever be” For each day, successively, should prove to soften, heal and purify.

    Back of your words this morn, is a great promise… One to which my heart yields and gives thanks for!


  6. Colin

    I think we all know someone who has let their heart hearden. It’s not a pretty sight, and it can be harder to fix the longer you let it go. Life becomes a grim struggle and hope fades. If you feel the fire of a passionate heart and ignore it, or revert to previous habits too many times, it also slowly but surely heardens the heart. The only way to keep a heart from hardening is to feel the call of a passionate heart, and to heed that call.


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