A New Standard

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.“- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The moment you become mesmerized by your circumstances is the moment you become powerless in relation to them. Every person on earth is possessed of a vast internal resource, an inexhaustible source of power, that is tapped most efficiently by the spile of character and moral fibre. That power is capable of both overcoming anything that comes your way and releasing you from anything that has already gone under the bridge of your experience.

Life is eternal. The forms it animates are temporal and as such, to life there is no death. If your identity is lodged at the level of the animated form – your body, mind and heart – your sense of mortality will haunt you and compel you in subtle yet powerful ways. If, on the other hand, you take the steps necessary to come to terms with your true identity, that is, the particular focus of life that you are, you will be free of the burden of mortality.

That freedom does not imply license. Immortality does not mean as many mistakenly assume that “you get to do it over anyway so why try?” In fact, when seen in the proper light that freedom should inspire an even greater sense of responsibility for living a meaningful and generative life. In essence, you will be ignited by the fire of immortality. Previous judgments about the nature of your circumstances will give way to a new vision, one that emphasizes openings over limitations, starting points over obstacles.

The fact that you only have so long to live will constrain to a new standard, one that sits between and above the typical responses of capitulation at one extreme and hedonism on the other. Implicit in this new standard of living is the equal treatment of responsibility and privilege. Moreover, this new standard obviates the need for both self-abnegation and self-promotion. It is the healthy, happy and fulfilling median.

What is happening in the world around you is of little import when you live radiantly. To get there, habits of reflexive thinking and reflective living must be broken and replaced with new habits that emphasize thinking and living from the inside-out, that is, originally and proactively.

If you spend your entire life reacting to the world around you, you will be ridden hard and put up wet. If, on the other hand, you awaken to the reality of life and just as importantly, to the reality of you, you will be freed from the shackles of merely existing and liberated to live life as it was meant to be lived!

4 thoughts on “A New Standard

  1. Steve Ventola

    Your freeing words are appreciated. I take note of the words “ignited by the fire of immortality.” You have provided a context for the crossover point of which individuals can indeed find a new standard of living. As there is a greater and greater sense of appreciation for the life that one does know there also increases the sense of privilege to be living. This sets the stage for peace to be known as well as the fire to provide an expression that brings something meaningful and generative. Thank you.


  2. Colin

    The realization that life is eternal and that your impact on life will reach far beyond your immediate time and immediate circumstances should create a new impetus to ensure that impact is a positive one. The realization is not helpful, however, unless the fundamental choices are made that change the day to day decisions that we all must make. That is where our real leverage is. Let the inspiration gained by the knowledge that life is eternal push us toward greater heights.


  3. Coco

    Beautifully said! Immortality gives us the time to continue to refine so that each moment has more opportunity to hit the mark than the previous. Circumstance upon a first glance may look constrained but I find there is always the appature to new awareness which leads to new experience if I don’t get stopped by what I object to or feel satisfied by. We were designed to bless the world. I can only believe our journey is supposed to have meaning and count for something. It is up to each person.


  4. Kolya

    Wow, this is a new standard of living. I love the quote you began this post with and can see in my own life, that when what’s inside is given more weight than what is without, you have the leverage you need. I can visualize mankind as a fulcrum. If we are centered and balanced, then there is power. If we are wobbling around, then we redirect that power to our circumstances instead of through us to affect change creatively.


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