Split Loyalties

When you associate with the truth in all areas of your living, there is no need to dissemble for the truth of who you are is sufficient unto the day. It pains me to watch my fellows crawl through life on their hands and knees in the desperate and hopeless attempt to create an appearance of something, rather than proudly yet humbly standing tall in the light of truth.

The truth, of course, needs no defense. Neither does it require any apologies. It takes time to come to know the truth, especially in the convoluted hall of mirrors we’ve created for ourselves over the millennia, but the truth can and must be known.

One of the often overlooked keys to knowing the truth, and being set free thereby, is found in letting go of that which is not consistent with the truth when it comes to light. People can be remarkably stubborn about letting go of that which is no longer fitting and letting go to that which is. Whether they do so because they are hedging their bets, afraid to let go of the past or trying to get for themselves by hook or by crook is not important. What matters is that their loyalties are split between the truth and that which festers in its absence.

Michelangelo made an incredibly insightful and relevant statement on this topic hundreds of years ago, one that, truly understood and accurately translated into action, will transform your life in ways unimaginable: “What do you despise? By this you are truly known.” Think about that for a moment.

At the end of the day, you are what you express. If you allow hatred or any of its derivatives to condition your feelings, thoughts and actions, you will fail in that moment to reveal the fulness of the truth of who you are. There will be darkness where there is meant to be light and the moths of bitterness will slowly but surely begin eating away at the fabric of your outer soul, that is, the vehicle for the expression of who you are.

When you are not being who you are, you are forced to be who you think you are or who you think others would like you to be. This is not true living, it is merely surviving and it is a terrible waste of time and opportunity.

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” ~ Michelangelo


7 thoughts on “Split Loyalties

  1. Colin

    I remember thinking as a child that I would always be a person who, when I saw something in myself that was lacking, would shore it up or let it go immediately. Because I was a child, I was thinking about it in a childish manner, but in many ways I was right. Wisdom necessitates that you sometimes have to wait to allow things to happen in their proper time, but when it is time to move the movement is made. There is no real reason to hesitate when it becomes clear what the true decisions are. It will actually end up ruining you if you do, because the ability to see clearly degrades the longer you wait after this time. Make the right moves at the right time, and you have your best shot of living a life of truth.


  2. Steve Ventola

    I love the words “when you are not being who you are, you are forced to be who you think you are or who you think others would like you to be.” Letting go of what is no longer fitting and letting go to what is plays a vital part in being who we are. It is good to digest further your words and make them a reality in living.


  3. Vincent

    Undoubtedly life is meant to be so much simpler than we make it. To be oneself, in humility and uprightness, is actually enough. Certainly there will be mistakes made due to either flaws that need to be mended or inadvertent choices, and we can be quick to acknowledge, repent and apologize where necessary for such things. But no longer, if we are genuine people, is there the need to apologize for ourselves, or to promote ourselves either, for that matter. To recognize the simplicity of this is a profound blessing!


  4. Kolya

    It takes something to learn to truly be yourself. Even individuals who often think they are being “true” are still woefully separated from the truth of who they are. It takes humility, the willingness to to cut your losses to old strategies, the desire to change and fearlessness of what others may say to even begin the process. Thanks for the challenge to live life as it should be lived.


  5. MMc

    Years ago I read a Calvin & Hobbs and they were quoting someone …can’t remember. But Calvin tells Hobbs…”I have seen the enemy and it is us.” I’ve remembered it because it rang true. We do more to destroy our soul with our own thoughts and proclivity to ill spirits then any enemy without. It true the content or our mind and heart can increase, protect or assault and corrode our stature. It was described as “eating of the forbidden fruit” because it poisons us from the inside out. Thanks for this practical post.


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