Individual Initiative

The future of the world hangs upon the initiative of the individual. As with our physical bodies, individuals cluster and coordinate into groups of individuals and groups of individuals organize into larger systems, but the health of the body of humanity depends upon the health of its individual members, just as the health of a man depends upon the health of the cells which combine to form his body.

Every individual counts. Just as leukemia, a cancer of the blood, is characterized by a proliferation of abnormal white blood cells, an errant individual has an effect on the body of humanity to the degree that his influence disturbs other balances. Health is a delicate balance, the result of an incredibly complex array of processes and interactions. It is easy to upset that balance, but fortunately for us the human body and the human race have both proven to be remarkably resilient.

Nature has a way of restoring balance, but her ways are impartial to a fault. If we allow balance to be set by default, we as a race may eventually find ourselves holding the short stick. If, on the contrary, we employ our individual initiative to care for the body of which we are a a part, we have the opportunity to rise above the default outcome and to live as responsible stewards of the world that is so clearly in our hands.

Individual initiative allows us to raise the bar, to operate well above the lowest common denominator. Individual initiative got us into this mess. Individual initiative is strong enough to get us out of it.

If we don’t, something else will. And the answer may not be to our liking.



7 thoughts on “Individual Initiative

  1. Joshua

    “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.”
    We are each responsible to find a way, that this mess we’ve created be finished!
    May those who share the privilege of knowing the truth, assume the responsibility at sufficient depth that it be done!


  2. Steve Ventola

    I appreciate your words and your individual initiative. You mentioned about employing our individual initiative to care for the body of which we are a part. It is good to remember that we are a part of the body of humanity and that we can play a part in providing life enhancement to it. There is something so refreshing and renewing with such a perspective. It is great to acknowledge that there is a purpose to our life.


  3. Colin

    We as individuals always have much more influence than we are led to believe. Even if we follow the herd we still have much more of an effect than we think, but we really have an effect that is much greater if we hold true to our integrity, constantly refining ourselves and living our lives for the purpose of serving others. That is the way that we will change the world back to something right, preventing the entropy that will require nature to take the impartial, but drastic, approach.


  4. Erika

    Individual initiative is a powerful thing – much more than we realize! If we are to rise above mediocrity in our own lives and as a race, we will have to use the power of initiative and ingenuity. I realize in my own life that potential is nothing, if not realized and that to life a life that makes a different requires courage and passion to be at the forefront of change.


  5. DeeDee Miller

    Great post! I can’t wait to find out more about your upcoming ebook release. Your daily posts have been inspiration to raise the bar. Thank you!


  6. Ricardo B.

    The impartiality you speak of gives us the time to come to terms with any mistaken ways, to change and make amends where needed. It’s like a buffer zone, a grace period where if we succeed in recognizing our errors and then make the appropriate changes, we are spared the full consequences of ill actions.
    We initiate those things that dwell in our heart, and so it is that our attitudes are matters of the heart – our faiths, beliefs, deep concerns all matter and all are no small matter. What those are in principle desperately needs to be made very conscious for what we accept in our hearts, especially those things that on the surface look rather harmless, can very well be pitting us against each other, creating needless strife and discord which then the larger forces of Nature have to rectify out of pure necessity.
    Herein lies the question of universal law – my thoughts go to the hope that we may all be still enough to ponder the deeper meaning of things and translate that into enlightened action.


  7. Coco

    Realizing we can’t carve out a “safe” spot to live where everything is created and controlled solely by our influence is the first step to becoming a citizen of the body of mankind. The opposite of isolate is integrate and that is our natural affiliation. The depth of our personal understanding about this underscores our responsibility in taking the inititive to make a difference. Our living must always be inspired by doing the right thing. I’m looking forward to reading your book!


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