The Friction of Memories

It’s not the work which kills people, it’s the worry. It’s not the revolution that destroys machinery it’s the friction.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Memory is a double-edged sword. It affords us the ability to learn from our mistakes, so that when we fail, we can then fail better. Conversely, it holds us back, causing friction in what would otherwise be an easy undertaking were we fully present.

The process of thinking – of truly accurate thinking – occurs at the narrowly defined intersection of the temporal (past, present, future) and the eternal. “Wisdom,” as the Apache say “sits in places.” Consideration of the past, present and future must be weighted appropriately, for any imbalance will result in in unnecessary and deleterious friction between the cogs in the living machinery that you have, that is, your body, mind and heart.

Most importantly, however, is your connection to the eternal. You are a plumb-bob suspended from the eternal in the midst of the temporal. If the forces of past, present and future are properly balanced, your living will be plumb. If, however, you allow the past to exert a greater pull than the present or future, your life will no longer be plumb and you will feel, or others will notice, the wobble in your expression.

This is the very reason why so many people fail to do what is right, even when they know deep down that it is the right thing to do. Their connection to the eternal calls them in one direction, but their attention wanders. If it remains fixed in relation to the past, then the friction of memories will grind their progress to a halt. If it oscillates between past, present and future erratically or frenetically, frenzy will result and forward movement will stop.

Remember your connection to the eternal – to the core of your central purpose – and you will always be present in relation to that which you undertake. When that connection is clear and strong, you will be serenely suspended amidst the tempting and tempestuous forces of past, present and future.


8 thoughts on “The Friction of Memories

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  2. Joshua

    Thank-you for simplifying the great complexity that trips so many up…..with a stroke of genius, you’ve painted a wonderful picture that draws both mind and heart up, out of the the confusion.
    Nicely done!


  3. Strawberryfield

    What a wonderful description of our security in the eternal and our relationship to the past and future. When the past has been particularly scarring (and as I age I realize that is practically everyone ) it is challenging not to get drawn into ruts created by past experiences. Either fear of history repeating itself or shame of not being up to the task at some point. Your description of the plumb bob and the connection to purpose through the eternal is graphic and makes sense to me. Thank you for sharing this post.


    1. In looking at the body energetically it has been noted that the meridian flow is interfered with by scarring. Not until that scarring is addressed can there be at least an improvement in the energetic movement through the body. Yes past scarring experiences that relate to fear of history repeating or shame for not feeling capable are interferences. As we abide in the experience of the plumb bob these experiences can be seen in perpective when they arise allowing for understanding and forgiveness to heal the scars of the past as well as set a new basis for vibrant energetic movement through our capacties of body, mind and heart.


  4. Ricardo B.

    Yes, it is clear that if the awareness of one’s central purpose never emerges or gets clouded through distraction, then one should expect the various symptoms you describe to appear. This is the great difference from addressing a given problem at the level of where it appears or addressing it from where it actually begins, for most things in life follow the analogy of the iceberg – the seen being relatively smaller than the submerged unseen which carries the greatest mass.
    Sustaining focus is critical to the natural propulsion in life for all things to evolve and move forward in greater greatness!


  5. Colin

    There is a balance to life that is very real. As individuals who are interested in living life in the most effective, meaningful way, we need to learn to be sensitive to this balance. At first, it might seem to go against your instincts (especially if you are not in the habit of living in a balanced way), but eventually you will be able to feel the natural balance that an effective life has. It takes discipline and dedication to do the right thing consistently, but the opportunity is available, and the good news is the more you do it the easier it gets to make it the default.


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