Pulling on Both Oars

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~ e.e. cummings

Rare is the person who is authentic. Almost every man strains to give the appearance of qualities and a temperament which he does not possess, all in an effort to gain the approbation of others he feels he needs to be himself.

The logic is circular. So too is the experience. Rather than moving onward and upward from day to day, those who are not themselves are condemned to circle and re-encounter their own wake, like a man in a rowboat pulling on just one oar.

When you become who you are life ceases to become repetitive. Your every expression is unique and your influence makes all things new. You begin to pull on both oars and your movement is progressive, purposeful and consistent. You no longer seek or need the approval of others, not from disdain or arrogance, but from the confidence that comes only when you are truly being yourself.


11 thoughts on “Pulling on Both Oars

  1. Flow Jr

    Such a simple concept, yet so often we forget to keep it in mind. If we only strive to match our thoughts, feelings and behaviors to that of others (whether those others are positive or negative influences), it becomes a monotonous world. Life is meant to be a beautiful blending of all colors and when this is understood it is so rewarding to be oneself– to realize that what we have to offer is something no one else can do in the same way. It is only through this aperture of “true self” that we can add value to any situation or life circumstance. Thank you for the reminder!


  2. Joshua

    Seeking to uplift everything, letting who we are to come to focus through our unique set of contact points is the most rewarding, uplifting and invigorating process of creation available to us! For in that moment, all the things that don’t matter fade away, and we become one with our surround, flow is restored, and voila the most mundane of tasks, or seemingly meaningless of apertures open up and become vibrant and full to overflowing with opportunity for the expression of us.
    A question that I was once asked come to mind and seems pertinent to this consideration “How Large a world are you willing to live in?”

    Let Love Radiate without concern for results.
    Thanks for an adventurously uplifting day, can’t wait for tomorrow!


  3. As we are moving onward and upward being ourself there is a sense of trust that all is well, now and always. As we so move we find that we have greater contact with our worlds and the place we have to fill within them. It is good to see how vital it is that we are here to bring something uniquely of life into this world.


  4. Colin

    There is a quality to an authentic person that cannot be hidden, and charisma that is not assumed will pull those closer to you that are worthwhile. When you are being who you really are and not hiding behind a persona everything seems to click into place like a mold fitting into a form, and while you are not worrying about keeping up the pretense of who you think you should be you can begin to live your life being and improving who you actually are.


  5. Coco

    I like that. Am I pulling with both oars? Anything else is still hard work but getting nowhere. Being myself is not being a self I’ll contrive by arbitrary standards but relaxing into the fact that I was already created with deliberate intention. A meaningful life, lived onward and upward is the plan for each that will relax into their unvarnished self.


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