The Ultimate Safeguard

The man whose self-respect safeguards him never takes undue advantage. There is a strain of fine chivalry which runs through it all. The secret of another is as secure from discovery as though it was a pebble thrown into the sea. He would be above using it as a weapon, even of defense, no matter how hard pressed. The sanctity of his word of honour closes his lips forever. The secret belongs to the past. Broken friendship, misjudgment, or misrepresentation would never tempt him to reveal or betray it. His respect for himself, for his word, for what his friend once was, puts a lock on certain memories, and he throws away the key.” ~ William George Jordan

If you’ve ever had a friend turn on you, you have probably had to come face-to-face with the old expression, “It is easier to forgive an enemy than it is to forgive a friend.” If you moved past it and forgave, you then had the opportunity to see that no matter what others do to you, they cannot take away your fond memories of your friendship with them; neither can they erase your remembrance of their previous righteousness.

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Safeguard

  1. happytobehere

    Over the course of a life friendships will peak and wane but the precious memories are always available to a loving heart. Things and people change but with true friends trust and love remains regardless of proximity. During the holidays the nostalgia of loving memories come to mind and the present gives an opportunity for more! Our lives are really short and making them count is the point. Hope your holiday was great!


  2. Colin

    Jordan’s description of the trust that you can place in a truly honest man is second to none. It makes a lIe of the phrase “you can only keep a secret between two people when one of them is dead”. I count myself lucky to have a few friends like Jordan describes, and I hope they count me as one too.


  3. Kolya

    It’s good not to be a slave to holding a grudge or hurt feelings. Better to focus on the present and friends that stick w/you thru thick and thin. And, Friends may come and go. But that shouldn’t change your inner stability and respect.


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