A Double Justice

Self-respect has red blood; it has no fear. It makes the individual respect the rights of others fully, freely, firmly, and demand that his own be equally respected. He realizes that self-respect is a double justice, to himself and to others… Retaliation and revenge are so far beneath him that he would not soil his mind by even thinking of them. He makes his protest in the right way, at the right time, for the right—and that ends it. He does not deal in fancied wrongs; he is not suspicious; he does not go round with an overheated dignity which may take cold at any moment. He is sensitive; but this means only finer justice for others, keener perception for himself.” ~ William George Jordan

Self-respect leads to a simplicity in living. With it comes clearer vision and the ability to look upon the hearts of others. It is the internal refiner’s fire which burns away all that is inconsistent with the truth of the individual.

Our justice system is bloated for lack of self-respect in our citizens. Frivolous litigation, abuse of process, malicious prosecution, vexatious litigation and more clog our courtrooms, while vigilante justice, passive aggressive attacks and other treachery stain the pews and boardrooms across the land. Where self-respect rules, however, justice is assured.

Self-respect is a double-justice, it holds inviolate the rights and honor of both sides of any equation.

4 thoughts on “A Double Justice

  1. Colin

    You’re right, there is a lot of disingenuous justice in the world. There are many double standards, that only apply to certain people at certain times. A just person is interested in justice for everyone, not at the expense of anyone. They have no special interest groups, no lobbyists. They are only interested in doing right because it is right. That is the double justice of the truly just.


  2. Haytham Abushaban

    self respect is simply respecting being human , living on earth required
    some rules to deal with others, the most important is to respect the first
    person you see in your entire life … You.
    By respecting this person you Would be learned how to respect the others
    sharing the same planet.

    Thanks for the chance to express my thought.


  3. Kolya

    So many problems stem from a lack of self respect. You can’t fake self respect. Only righteous living can create it and everyone has the right to decide if they want to have self respect or live without it. Happy holidays and thanks for an awesome year of inspiring posts!


  4. MMc

    Our justice system is not the thing that assures or dispenses justice. It is somewhat a neutral, to be used with dignity or treachery dependent on the hearts and minds of people. Self-respect is a cornerstone to “freedom and justice for all”. Thanks Gregg, happy holiday to you and yours!


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