The Power of Renewal

Greatness lies, not in being strong, but in the right using of strength; and strength is not used rightly when it serves only to carry a man above his fellows for his own solitary glory. He is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

The right use of strength requires an understanding of the power of renewal. While the theme of renewal is typically considered in the springtime, the natural world is constantly renewing itself. The leaf that floats to the forest floor, the eddies in a mountain stream and the ionization of the air when the surf is up at the beach all give evidence of our blessed planet’s ability to cleanse, replenish and renew.

You cannot expect to inspire the heart of others if you refuse to renew your view of them in each and every moment. No one likes to be the target of prejudice or the recipient of discriminatory treatment. Prejudice is a repulsive quality and you cannot provide sustainable attractive leadership with an impure heart.

You likewise cannot stoke the passion to rise up in others without a well-developed ability to bring the flames of renewal to bear on any and every situation you face. A true leader sees every single opportunity as an aperture for renewal, no matter how trivial, menial, compulsory, irritating, taxing, vexing or worrisome. He says to himself “I can and shall move from glory unto glory in relation to this matter, regardless of how I feel or how it looks.”

Inspiration is the updraft caused by renewal. It is the promise the revitalizes the mind and comforts the heart, that convinces smallness to inch towards greatness. Each one has the ability to both be inspired and to inspire. You cannot be just one or the other, in fact, the pulsation of the two should be as rhythmic as breathing.

As soon as you possess an understanding of the spirit of renewal as well as the strength of will to let it flow in you and through you at all times, you possess the means to unshackle and carry up the world around you.

7 thoughts on “The Power of Renewal

  1. Colin

    I realized when reading this post that prejudice is not just discrimination against a group of people, although it is also that, but you are prejudiced when you do not allow someone the room for change in yourself. Whenever you judge someone, you are judging something they already did, and are therefore pre-judging them based on who they were, and not on who they are.
    A leader is someone who is always open to seeing the change in someone, even if that person never extends that same courtesy towards them. Great leaders do not make excuses based on what other people do. They hold themselves to a standard no matter what is happening around them or to them. Anything less is merely a facade of greatness.


  2. David R

    The spirit of inspiration is indeed an updraft created by the personal choices and example of a genuine leader. While some are momentarily galvanized either by cheerleading or through fear and shame, these are transient achievements sustained only by constant drumbeat. Remove the stimulus and the effect fades. Keep it up and eventually the subject or subjects no longer react to the stimulus.

    Certainly words of encouragement or challenge can have their place and their impact, but the sustainability of that impact depends upon the inspiring spirit of the one who speaks. Example and demonstrated character say much to those who have the capacity to be inspired, and little to those who have no interest in assuming any resposibility themselves. One way or the other, the field is sorted out and creative achievement may result!


  3. Scarlett

    Prejudice is a repulsive quality. There is nothing redeeming about it. However, most see prejudice as a large trait pointed towards a race or belief, not in the day-to-day interactions that we have with our family, acquaintances, friends and co-workers. If we are dogged in our prejudice towards others, our heart will atrophy and inspiration will be crippled. If we are willing to provide for others a clean slate, the baggage of the past can be forgotten, forgiven and every day can be filled with exciting new possibilities.


  4. Coco

    Beautifully said. It seems many of us understand when we’re in the autumn phase but learning how to be renewed begins with letting change come. To let the former go takes the power of forgiveness and appreciation then we’re ready to be inspired to move on by the natural renewal that is always available.


  5. Donna

    “You cannot expect to inspire the heart of others if you refuse to renew your view of them in each and every moment”. So true. Great post, thanks!


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