The Rhythmic March

A Poem by Gregg Hake

Moon tracks along the ground,
Lighting ponds and rivers.
Stretching, bending, tracing shapes
Made by shorelines far below.

She pulls at the oceans,
Creating tides watched and measured
By mariners and landlubbers
Since the beginning of time.

Earth glides through space,
Invisible reins steady her course
While her passengers shuffle to and fro
On land, by sea and in her airy envelope.

Fire burns deep within her core,
Giant plates like cranial sutures,
Rub and shift, changing her features
And reminding all of her mutability.

All the while man wrestles with his soul.
His purpose, hidden from sight vexes him,
While earth and moon march rhythmically onward
Awaiting his next command.

12 thoughts on “The Rhythmic March

  1. Lady Leo

    Beautiful. You painted a picture with your words and created a yearning for connectedness with the source of the powerful force you describe . Do you have more you’ve written?


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