Adding Value

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” ~ Albert Einstein

I’ve been meeting with various members of my team about their plans for 2011 and while the details are unique to each one, a common theme is emerging.

Success follows those who add value.

If you care more about adding value than you do about what you can get out of the world around you, you’ll find that decision-making is cleaner, being free of the sticky tentacles of self-concern.

It’s easy to add value. The process begins with being observant, listening and asking questions on occasion and ends with offering whatever help is within your power to provide. It might be a word, a gesture, lending a hand or making a valuable connection. Help comes in many forms.

Many people fill their days consumed with self-interest, desperately trying to find ways to eek more satisfaction, pleasure, financial reward or fulfillment out of their immediate circumstances while dwelling on how the world makes them feel. Whether robed in gold or bronze at the end of the day, such an approach constrains to emptiness.

As the resolutions of the New Year begin to take shape in the womb of your mind, make a point to base your resolutions in the desire to add value to the world around you. Whether it is a fitness goal, a change of heart, habit or attitude, focus on how you can increase your ability to a blessing.

I am convinced that most diets and fitness plans fail because the individual goes into it hoping to get something out of it for him or herself rather than focusing on how he or she might be able to help others more effectively because of the change. Self-improvement is more sustainable when its focus is outwardly instead of inwardly focused.

2011 is full of promise for my team and for you. I trust that best use will be made of whatever comes our way. Onward and upward!

14 thoughts on “Adding Value

  1. James

    The Internet has served to flatten the playing field of business in America, and any internet marketing guru you care to listen to will tell you to add value first in your strategy.

    Given the subject of this post, it seems like that is having positive effects on the population generally. I appreciate the ongoing value this blog is having in my life, may it continue to flourish based on this premise!


  2. Doug

    Great post for any company to read. Providing added value to clients should be at the top of a company’s to do list. It creates sustainable relationships, companies and employees. Everyone wins when you’re focused on giving all you can.
    Good reading for a planning session for 2011, thanks.


  3. Coco

    I think this maybe one of those questions we ask ourselves when we’re leaving this world. Did my life add value? Did I leave things better than what I found them? Was I a builder?
    I guess the question we can always ask ourselves now is why do I do what I’m doing?
    Beautiful post, thanks.


  4. Colin

    Adding value is the way to success, definitely. If you think about it, it’s how most successful people have become that way. An when they lose that impulse, that’s when they lose their success as well. A person’s time on this world should be about how they can leave it better than they found it. Thanks!


  5. Rosa Maysen

    Perfect timing to read this! I was stressing about holidays and other matters but when I flipped my concerns it instantly changed my outlook and my stress level. Thanks for the happy new day!


  6. Brad

    Great way of putting it Gregg.
    And I’ll be sure that “adding value” is the central concern of my New Year Resolutions.
    Thanks again for offering consistant content that always adds value


  7. NK

    Life is much more valuable and meaningful when you look to add value. Trying to get something for yourself may result in something, but it always ends up being a shallow reflection of what could have been. When you add value, you are valuable.


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