Time’s a tickin’!

A friend forwarded a fantastic link to me the other day and I thought you would enjoy it as you think about how to handle the remaining weeks you have to live.

The average person in the Western world now lives to the ripe old age of roughly 75 years in a body that properly cared for could live much longer. Look more closely and you see that you have 900 months or 3,600 weeks to do what you are going to do while on earth.

If you haven’t heard of thevisualMD, they produce fascinating educational videos on topics such like health and wellbeing. This particular video gives you a good feel for what they do and for what you can learn in just a few short minutes:


My readers and subscribers in the USA will no doubt be enjoying some version of Thanksgiving today. Thanksgiving to me is a time for appreciation, celebration and remembrance.

The freedoms and security we enjoy now came at a great cost to many over the years. As is so often the case in history, great nations were subdued as a new order was established, disenfranchising some while empowering others. It’s not pretty, but it happened and I have no doubt that it will continue to happen in the future unless there is a fundamental shift in human consciousness.

How that would happen I am not sure, but the possibility of its occurrence is something that I am not entirely willing to write off. I’ve received a number of links to the increasingly popular “flash mobs” that are popping up in public spaces around the country, where planned but unannounced musical or dance performances are put on to the delight and amazement of an unsuspecting crowd. It’s funny to see how significant an effect a small catalyst like that can have on people. They are inspirational!

Inspiration needn’t be contrived or practice to be effective. In fact, every conversation you have, every glance you give one of your fellow human beings, every word that comes out of your mouth can either inspire or discourage those within view and earshot.

As you celebrate this Thanksgiving, make an effort to give thanks for the blessings you’ve received in your life. Share your appreciation of others…don’t be shy. Emphasize that which you wish to grow in others and take note of but don’t dwell on that which is destructive or abrasive. All things come to pass and as with the Abominable Snowman, once the teeth are gone you might find a helpful and enjoyable person underneath the grizzly facade.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

11 thoughts on “Time’s a tickin’!

  1. Foxglove

    A wonderful day of thankfulness concentrated – the extension of friendship and good cheer to all around, most freely. It is quite an amazing experience to live with consistent attention to the virtues in living – no matter where you are or where you’ve been, once the decision is made and held, off you go to explore the heights of the human soul whose landscapes are those which bring both clarity and serenity. Your generous posts have helped me, and thus I thank you today.
    The most precious things in life cannot be bought, and my thanks extends to all throughout history who have given of themselves unconditionally to the pursuit of this higher ideal. If it exists within, it can certainly exist without.
    Keep keeping on!


  2. strawberryfields

    We really don’t stay on the earth very long, average of 75 years! I wonder how many of us reading this have lived 1/3 to 1/2 of our lives?
    This post offers an apt perspective for Thanksgiving; not to waste another hour worrying, another day in a bad mood or any precious time on hate.
    Counting our blessings is a double dip; you are filled with the warmth of love for what is already there and it creates the space for more to come in.
    Your blog is something I appreciate. I make it a point to read it every day because it reinforces in myself the things I want to grow. Thanks Gregg. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family


  3. Colin

    I think we underestimate the effect that we have in the world. If a flash mob can make an entire mall feel amazed just by performing a song unannounced in a public place, what difference does the cumulative affect of your life’s actions make? I think they make a huge difference, especially if you’re willing to put yourself out there and not be afraid to make that difference. Happy Thanksgiving!


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