As above, so below.

You may have heard someone offer the encouraging words: “You need to do what you love to be happy” on occasion and while that may work for a precious few, we would be hard-pressed to construct a world where everyone simply did what they loved to do. It just isn’t practical.

That said, there is a valid alternative. Rather than focusing on trying to do what you love, why not love what you do? Love is a radiant stance. If you are centered in love, love flows freely from you into the world around you.

Love does not require a predetermined set of circumstances or a particular configuration of people to manifest, in fact, love can be offered in any and every corner of your world, whether or not what you see around you is pleasing to you at the time.

There is a concept in Hermeticism that was first propounded in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus that goes something like this: “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below.” Another way to think of that which is above is that which you worship, or perhaps better put, that which holds your center of attention.

What lies in the center of your attention in any given moment? To what do you give your emotional energy, your heart? To the degree that you are focused on that which you do not have, do not like or that which bothers you (that which is above), you will tend to produce more of the same. I recall a friend who was obsessed with his dislike for his father and over time that friend morphed into the very person he detested so completely.

I’ve seen well-meaning people in all different religions invest more energy in their hatred of the devil than they do in loving their God. The might not have put it in those terms, but listen long enough to hear what occupied their heart and mind and it was clear that they were more concerned about stamping out evil than they were in generating good. And you get what you get on that basis.

You move in the direction of your attention. The deeper the feeling, the more quickly and the more closely you move to the object of your attention. Have you ever gotten really mad at someone? If so, were you able to think of anything else at the time? Conversely, have you been deeply, madly in love with someone? Again, were you able to think about much else?

Think carefully about what has your attention, what has your heart. The emotional energy you invest will tend to shape the world around you. As above, so below. The laws of life are inescapable and work with absolute precision. Take note of the laws and live accordingly and your life will be a beacon to others. Ignore them, try to circumvent them, and you will likely find it challenging to hold and maintain a course in your life, for life will always appear to be working against you.

Love what you do. Remember, as above, so below. Be judicious in the investment of your emotional energy.

And have a great day!

11 thoughts on “As above, so below.

  1. Joshua

    Again the truth prevails!
    Taking this time in review has my heart burgeoning with remembrance, as well as the eagerness to a new approach. In brief review I can quantify some elements which have had my attention that I would not wish to see manifest, that being said, focusing, or better put staring at them to make sure they don’t move is no help at all, rather my focus needs be placed higher, lifting my eyes up, that that might have it’s well deserved chance to manifest! Think I’m developing a new hobby, right now!
    Love to you.


  2. Joshua

    So often I have seen in others the principal work out, “That which has your heart has YOU!” Thanks for personalizing the perspective today. Focusing my attention on that which I do have and what is working will grow more today! Appreciate this, perfectly timed post Gregg, Have a great day!


  3. Colin

    It makes perfect sense that the things that have your real attention form the path that your life moves down. I think that if more people realized this, they would be much more careful what thoughts they allowed themselves to focus on. I know I will consider much more carefully whether the thoughts I am entertaining focus more on destruction of something that I see as wrong (an interesting judgement to make, anyway), or the building of the things I see as right. Thanks!


  4. Reina

    This reminds me of the statement “What I have feared the most has come upon me”. I imagine the same principle applies here. How wonderful to have the tools to start taking a new look at our worlds and where we are putting our energy. Do I spend my day in fear of what lies ahead or do I look forward to the future with enthusiasm? Do I center my thoughts in what is lacking and all the terrible wrongs in the world or do I look with appreciation at what is right and find ways to make a difference? I think you have helped inspire some deep thought for many, definitely in myself!


  5. N Kolya

    Thank you for this very powerful post that is well worth heeding! I know that the principle you outlined is true from my own experience and observing the lives of others. I have a choice (everyone does) as to what I give my attention to and therefore, what my heart focuses on. It’s this choice that shapes our lives and the world around us. Thanks again, love the simple wisdom in this.


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