Let’s Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs

I believe that supporting the entrepreneurial spirit is the key to a brighter future for the United States. If many of the most successful people in business these days – industry titans like Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Facebook whiz Mark Zuckerberg – dropped out of school to implement their dreams, wouldn’t we would be wise to ask ourselves how our schools could adapt to be more successful at identifying and fostering the development of the entrepreneurial spirit in our youth?

Many have argued that our educational system does not favor the entrepreneurially-inclined. Some are even convinced that entrepreneurship cannot be taught. I am inclined agree with the former and disagree with the latter. Entrepreneurship can be nurtured from a very young age and developed by parents armed with the necessary tools and through an intelligently-designed program of personalized scholastic training.

Entrepreneurs are people who recognize societal needs and who have the passion to provide innovative solutions. Entrepreneurs are people who inspire people to greatness, with the goal of making the world a better place. Entrepreneurs are generally speaking people who care deeply about people.

Rarely have I met a kid who did not have big dreams and great ideas. Perhaps you are or were one of them?

Cameron Herold was an entrepreneur from a very young age. Fortunately for Cameron, his parents found ways to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in him, even as he was failing out of school. Cameron has a unique and common sense perspective on how to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in anyone of any age. If you are a parent looking for ways to give your children a leg up, an entrepreneur looking for inspiration or simply interested in hearing more about what makes entrepreneurs tick, I highly recommend that you take 20 minutes to listen to his talk, given at TEDxEdmonton this year:

The entrepreneurial spirit is in many ways the essence of the American dream. It is what allowed the United States to move so swiftly and so unstoppably from its beginning as a small and delicate, young nation to world hegemon. It is the creative spark that made our country so special and so attractive to others.

If you haven’t already, thank an entrepreneur today. They deserve your support and appreciation!

6 thoughts on “Let’s Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs

  1. Isabelle Kearney

    The entrepreneur spirit is truly that of ingenuity and courage. Too many people give up at the sign of any obstacle, when all they need is a little tenacity and creativity to realize their dreams.


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