How to Reach your Full Potential

“Your reputation is what you are perceived to be; your character is what you are.”  Do you stop to consider how successful you’ve been in your life?  Perhaps more importantly, have you stopped to consider what really is the measure of success? 

My father-in-law often says that “success is optional” and how true that is!  If you have done the very best you can in any situation, then you have been successful in that area of your life.  Outcome is secondary to the quality of effort or perhaps more famously put by Miguel de Cervantes, “the journey is better than the end.”  In fact, says Coach, “…you can lose when you outscore and opponent and you can win when an opponent outscores you.”  

I invite you to join Coach John Wooden in his spirited and classy consideration of true success.

2 thoughts on “How to Reach your Full Potential

  1. Brenda Ruppright

    Found a link to Coach Wooden’s pyramid…pretty interesting!

    Coach Wooden did not spend a lot of time on his pyramid in the link so I was very interested to learn more, which I am sure you will enjoy also!

    Thanks Gregg for the variety of inspiring words and wonderful people. These are amazing people that it has been a joy to learn more about and to allow thier examples and living to influence my life to be a true success in all that I encounter and share with those I come into contact with.


  2. Brad Baetz

    What a refreshing concept…from someone who started coaching in 1934 – Coach Wooden’s book, “They Call Me Coach” is a great read!
    When i watch my youngest child, he has no concern for who wins or looses, who comes out on top…- it simply doesn’t exist. He is so wrapped up in the joy of the moment and with each passing moment he forgets and moves quickly onto the present moment. My oldest son, by just a few years, is starting to “get” the win/loose idea – he doesn’t care about it perhaps like a Highschool Athlete might but he’s starting to find ways to integrate this new idea.
    It’s an interesting thing we teach each other at a very early age – win/loose, black/white, etc. When did Life become a race to get somewhere?, there is no “place” to arrive at, I’ve been to the top of the mountain, literally – so what!, it’s pretty but nothing like the climb,…like Coach says, “it is the journey that counts the most”….and my youngest son is a walking reminder of the importance of that prescious moment – the present….i’ve never been witness to a human that has more determination than a 1 year old learning to walk and talk….100 falls a day bumping into things, and each time he’s right back up, “put me in Coach, i’m ready to give it another shot!” – he sees no other option than success. And talk about an impact on other people! – hard not to admire a child’s joy for experiencing life….that’s worth playing Archeologist to resurrect in ourselves
    Perhaps today will be a day we each focus on the needs of others’ first, giving our all, free of attachment to the outcome.
    Thanks Gregg.


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