On Music, Passion and the Power of Words

The words you express are both the building blocks of your future and the footprints of your legacy.    Indeed, they are the branches upon which the ornaments of your life hang.  They color the world you center and give evidence of the center of your attention. 

What would be said of your life if the last words you spoke or penned were your very last?  Would you be as Scrooge, wishing through a bitter heart that you could go back and make amends, or would you be at peace, knowing your every syllable encouraged, inspired and blessed?

As Henry David Thoreau once said, “The only way to speak the Truth is to speak lovingly.”  Words to live by.

Join Benjamin Zander, a renowned conductor, teacher and speaker, as he discusses music and passion on TED.  Be sure to watch through to the end as Mr. Zander’s message is powerful and worth spreading.

Dare to make music with your words today, my friends.

4 thoughts on “On Music, Passion and the Power of Words

  1. DeeDee

    Congratulations on a truly awesome blog! – I look forward to joining the lively meditation and discussion that is already in motion. My husband had a great idea to hook up his computer to our T.V. so we could view the Benjamin Zander presentation on a bigger screen with a better sound system. How grand to be swept up in his passion for inspiring each one not only to hear and feel the music but to make the music. Maestro Zander knows he is getting their best when he sees their “shining eyes.” How do we measure the success of our words? As he says, “It’s about how many shining eyes I have around me.”


  2. Teryl

    It is in the lives of these people that we can see that our own lives are indeed an example to others. We can find inspiration, hope and encouragement in each of the people you have highlighted here for us. It makes me think to myself, what about my life, my words, my actions would inspire and encourage others? I so often hear, how can one person make a difference? These examples make it clear how one person can make a differene in the hearts and minds of others. As Claudia said, ” it is as accessible as our spoken words” and also in our actions. We can choose to live a life of encouragement!


  3. Claudia Reddick

    Mr. Zander’s presentation was so uplifting. The joy and fulfillment I felt when I watched him was a keen reminder to be that person for others. As we interface with all living forms in our daily lives we may be the one to ignite the light in their eyes or delight in the discovery of those that are already burning brightly. What a great gift to engender transformation in each other. It is as accessible as our spoken words.
    Thank you for introducing him to me.


  4. Lara Mealor

    Thank you. This will be perfect to share at our meeting this morning. It has been so touching watching these USA Olympians share their joy over winning a medal. They have worked hard, I cannot imagine what they went through to get there. You can bet that the words they spoke were of victory! To be our best we need to become aware of the power of our thoughts, words and deeds and commit to Gold!


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