Revitalizing Medicine

I am compelled to have a hand in revitalizing modern medicine for reasons both material and spiritual. Our present health care system is plagued with limiting assumptions, many of which have little to nothing to do with the core body of truth which governs all things biotic. My aim in this brief essay is to identify several of those principles in order to initiate this much needed conversation.

The European Renaissance and the subsequent industrial revolution gave rise to the mechanistic approach to medicine used widely in the West and as with any collection of memes, the challenge to any generation is to see beyond the main stream of thought which defines the borders of consciousness, especially in areas where the truth has been supplanted by commonly held opinion.

To reform any system, you must first identify the core principles of truth which compose its vertebral column. I have come to recognize the following to be true:

  • Medicine is both an art and a science
  • The human being is biological, chemical and energetic in nature
  • Energy precedes biology; physics comes before biochemistry
  • The “why” of medicine is infinitely more important than the “how” of medicine
  • Medicine serves to help humanity maintain a sound mind, body and heart, that mankind may go about its purpose unhindered by unnecessary physical, mental or emotional limitations
  • The two most important principles in medicine are: first, to do no harm and second, to put the patient first
  • There is tremendous value consolidated and organized in the minds and hearts of the medical masters in every generation
  • The time-tested system of apprenticeship is the most efficient means of conveying the wisdom of the masters from one generation to the next
  • The least costly, least intrusive and most effective medical intervention is preferred
  • Disease labels do more harm than good and are unnecessary
  • Symptoms are evidence of the body’s most efficient method for dealing with a particular imbalance
  • Suppressing symptoms is rarely advisable and is primarily an emergency measure
  • Intuition is valuable to medical science

Identifying the core principles rooted in truth in every system of medicine is of central importance to revitalize the art and science of medicine. Every system of medicine has its roots in truth; if it did not it would not exist. Moreover, all inefficiencies in medical science are born of patterns of thought which are divorced from the truth.

We would be wise to humbly allow for the possibility that modern science is not intrinsically superior to ancient science. While it may be better in certain aspects, to assume that it is always superior is myopic and prejudiced. There is no room for egotism in true medicine.

The argument that medical history is gradualist is specious; punctualism is more likely the process by which medical knowledge has been accumulated or lost over time. The rise and fall of medical knowledge has paralleled the rise and fall of civilizations. In any case, the golden thread of truth is infinitely more important than the time stamp.

Any meaningful consideration of medicine or of science for that matter must begin in truth if it is to end in truth. Unlock the body, mind and heart and you unleash the dynamic spirit of life within the individual. It is for this reason and this reason alone that the practice of the art and science of medicine is a high and noble cause.

Reshaping Life

Reshaping life! People who can say that have never understood a thing about life—they have never felt its breath, its heartbeat—however much they have seen or done. They look on it as a lump of raw material that needs to be processed by them, to be ennobled by their touch. But life is never a material, a substance to be molded. If you want to know, life is the principle of self-renewal, it is constantly renewing and remaking and changing and transfiguring itself, it is infinitely beyond your or my obtuse theories about it.” – Boris Pasternak

We have done nothing if we have not spent our lives allowing life, that constantly self-renewing principle, to find new and amplified expression. Life is one of the few givens in the world that we as a species are privileged to steward. The forms it takes in the animal and vegetable kingdoms come and go, providing an echo as it were of the underlying reality they clothe, but life, eternal life, is one of the few constants.

As custodians of this blessed place, our central responsibility is to give form to the invisible currents of life which animate all things biotic. We needn’t struggle to create a world in the image and likeness of our vain imaginations, in fact, as I mentioned yesterday, the necessity more relates to letting than trying.

As you learn to relax and let life gestate in the womb of creation that you are, you begin to create as you are designed to create. Rather than rushing frantically to and fro in the world you center to try and make something of yourself, for yourself or for others, the first step, and in many ways the most important step, is to come to a state of active rest. The rest of which I speak comes not from withdrawing, disengaging or idling, instead, it comes as you actively abide in appreciation for what now is.

The human mind can be a terrible trap if used incorrectly. Used rightly, it is part of a mechanism that gives dynamic, relevant and apposite form to self-renewing principle we call life.

Where I grew up we didn’t…

You’ve no doubt heard conversations in which people define themselves, defend their positions and deride others with the statement “Where I grew up we didn’t…” What follows is usually some anecdote that serves to make a point which carries the weight of precedent and by extension, history.

While it is certainly true that you are defined in large measure by your childhood experiences, you needn’t let the days of your youth define the years of your adulthood. Every child has the opportunity to rise above the strictures of personal and familial precedent. The idea that you don’t, that is, that you have a station in life and that you are better off respecting the envelope of possibility you were born into is outdated, outmoded and utterly false.

Your life expression rightly emerges from the inside out and is radiant in nature. Just as you had your start in the confines of your mother’s womb, when you continue to cooperate with life rather than struggling against it you will go through successive periods of rebirth into a larger sphere of living and influence. Life’s inclination is to move upward and outward, not downward and inward.

Adolescence is one of those critical periods of rebirth. Teenagers, full of the spirit of life, are typically hellbent on defining themselves. The longing to know who they are and what they are here to do burns in their hearts and minds, but they typically lack the tools and discipline necessary to navigate the pressures of labor and birth present in this important phase of life. As such they need a doula or a team of advisors (typically other than their parents) to help keep them on the path to self-revelation.

Parents who do not allow the lives of their children to expand do a tremendous disservice to the child. They create an artificially self-limiting environment that is deficient in critical nutrients as no parent or parents are so complete in and of themselves that they can provide everything their children need. Most parents who do this to their children feel well-justified, typically on the argument that they don’t want to miss the child’s youth, which, dear readers, is fundamentally selfish reasoning that is ignorant of the process by which individuality is nourished into being.

In an imperfect world it is highly unlikely that any child will have a perfect childhood. There will be deficiencies, mistakes made and imbalances that become more obvious as the child grows older. You are wise, then, to recognize that your childhood experiences should not limit or define those of your children. This is not to say that your children will be “better” than you, neither does it mean that their purpose is to beat your records. True individual expression is not relative, it is absolute.

Parents would be wise to provide the safe and controlled growing room by means of which their children can see beyond the blinders imposed by immediate family, relatives, societal norms and cultural mores. Individuality loses its unique and original character whenever life expression is stuffed into a preformed box.

As you can imagine, there are implications for parenting, education, business organizational theory and more to this notion of personal development. We, in all of our human brilliance, have elected the familiarity and comfort that dribbles from the status quo over the newness and richness that flow abundantly from a more dynamic, organic approach to living. Life is never static. Neither should we be.

Living in an Air Castle II

Living in the future is living in an air-castle. Tomorrow is the grave where the dreams of the dreamer, the toiler who toils not, are buried. The man who says he will lead a newer and better life tomorrow, who promises great things for the future, and yet does nothing the present to make that future possible, is living in an air-castle. In his arrogance he is attempting to perform a miracle; he is seeking to turn water into wine, to have harvest without seed-time, to have an end without a beginning.

If we would make our lives worthy of us, grand and noble, solid and impregnable, we must forsake air-castles of dreaming for strongholds of doing. Every man with an ideal has a right to live in the glow and inspiration of it, and to picture the joy of attainment, as the tired traveler fills his mind with the thought of the brightness of home, to quicken his steps and to make the weary miles seem shorter, but the worker should never really worry about the future, think little of it except for inspiration, to determine his course, as mariners study the stars, to make his plans wisely and to prepare for that future by making each separate day the best and truest that he can.

Let us live up the fullness of our possibilities each day. Man has only one day of life— today. He did live yesterday, he may live tomorrow, but he has only today.” ~ William George Jordan

Sitting around waiting for miracles to happen is a fool’s errand. Miracles – effects or extraordinary events in the physical world that surpass all known human or natural powers – can and should happen with much greater frequency than that to which we’ve become accustomed. But how?

Life is part of a larger flow system; it is revealed where the eternal and the temporal meet. When your heart and mind are aligned in a way that permits the uninterrupted flow of life, miracles happen. Healing occurs in ways and at a pace that defies explanation. Obstacles are overcome that previously seemed insurmountable. In short, the apparently impossible becomes imminently achievable.

Conversely, when your heart and mind become misaligned, the flow of the spirit of life in you becomes frustrated. So what disturbs the natural alignment of mind and heart? For starters, the tendency to obsess about or fixate upon the past or the future. You can obsess mentally as well as emotionally and you can focus your obsession by being unwilling to relinquish either a favorable or unfavorable moment in the past or by seeking to control the future out of fear or greed. Either way your heart and mind become dislocated and as a consequence, the mechanism for the translation of the eternal into the temporal that you are no longer functions in the way that it was designed to.
Forgiving the past and relaxing about the future is the best tonic for restoring the alignment of body, mind and heart. Both free you to build a stronghold of doing without the distractions that sap your energy through the tap of your attention. And that, dear readers, is the perfect starting point for a miraculously brighter future.