Serve Selflessly

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”—John 15:13 To lay down your life is to serve selflessly: to protect the weak, to uplift the poor in spirit, and to demonstrate decency and draw forth dignity, regardless of the circumstance. This is not sacrifice; this, my …

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Give yourself a chance!

Thanks to a generous new acquaintance, I've just started reading Lt. Col. A.L. D'Endrödy's classic work on the training of horse and rider "Give Your Horse a Chance." D'Endrödy explains in the introduction that "I drafted the first outline of my book while in captivity at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, on the shores …

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Order out of Chaos

Where you place your emphasis determines in large measure the quality and impact of your life. Consider this for a moment. Every situation that comes your way will contain a mixture of orderly and chaotic elements. Fear or react to the chaos and you will tend to perpetuate the chaos, if not add to it. …

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"The great men of the world have ever been its men of vision, men of imagination, of ideals and of inspiration. They ever hold their heads high, and see above, through, and beyond the limitations of their time and environment. They will see with the poet’s imagination, the prophet’s intuition, the philosopher’s reasoning. Vision sees …

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Your Constant Companion

My father-in-law regularly shares books with me that have inspired him. The latest was "Master your Traits, Master Yourself" by Bob Burg and while I haven't had the time to get through it yet, there was a riddle written by an anonymous author in the introduction that I thought you would enjoy: I am your …

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Our Planet is a Curious Place: Change, Grudges and Forgiveness

Our planet is a curious place.  Filled with a remarkable array of both animate and inanimate objects, its surface and all that dwell thereupon morph from moment to moment.  Never were there two moments exactly the same in history.  A snapshot taken today of the earth in its fulness would be hardly recognizable if shown …

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Bobby McFerrin, Oprah and the Music of Life

A friend of mine once told me that he sometimes listens to a complex piece of classical music 10 or 15 times before he has enough of the "strings" to make it all the way through without being distracted. Isn't that a wonderful way to put it? I certainly thought so. Music tells a story, whether in actual words or simply in feeling content, and the stories help to condition our understanding of the world around us. In fact, it helps us to understand ourselves.